The still chilled bottle of champagne; a vintage Dom Perignon and the lacy pale cream thong had little to do with the sultry smile on her lips. It was the note attached to the gift bag: "I can't get the image of you, slicked in wine wearing a lacy pale cream thong off my mind.… Continue reading THE STALWART KNIGHT: EPISODE TWO


Fallen Predator

The bullet sliced through her, tearing through thick barricades till it lodged itself in the plum flesh of her large intestine. She felt herself fall steadily to the ground and the struggle to stay on her feet only heightened her pain. The warm dark red liquid was all she saw as she hit the ground.… Continue reading Fallen Predator


All Mine To Bear…



Met this guy who blew my mind
He’s very sweet and very kind
And at first kiss, our hearts did bind
He was dear & in him I could always confide

He wiped my tears and made me smile
Every minute spent was worth the while
With him, I could see myself walk down the aisle
Our love as large as the river Nile

Then came this doubt gnawing at my heart
With each passing day, we grew apart
To his truth and honesty, I became as blind as a bat
Our once blooming love, was deteriorating fast

I searched my mind, what could have gone wrong
Our relationship used to be like the lyrics of a love song
We used to be stuck as the mouth is with the tongue
The thirst for u, my heart seize to long

Love as white as a dove became impure
My certainty…

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