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Month: April, 2013


The still chilled bottle of champagne; a vintage Dom Perignon and the lacy pale cream thong had little to do with the sultry smile on her lips. It was the note attached to the gift bag: “I can’t get the image of you, slicked in wine wearing a lacy pale cream thong off my mind. I hope you enjoy the wine as I’m enjoying the pictures in my head. Love, T.”

A man that could turn her on even when he was far from her was certainly the man of her dreams. She eyed the bottle of champagne absently as a scene played in her mind. Becca knew exactly what to do with the wine and the thong.
Tumise got home at some minutes past nine still rehearsing what to tell his wife about the huge sum of money in his account. Not that he couldn’t tell her the truth about where the money came from, he just didn’t want her to think he was working on a dangerous case to be given such money.

She had always supported him and that was the reason behind his success but he also knew she worried a lot about him. He needed her to understand what he was about to tell her without elating her fear and that was why he had sent the thong and champagne. Gifts always worked in the past and he hoped it would worked too.

He almost dropped his laptop bag at the sight that greeted him as he entered the house. Becca was wearing nothing but the cream lacy thong he had sent earlier and all he could do was mutter “damn!” and undid the first three buttons of his shirt. Even with the AC, the room had become unbearably hot.

Becca uncorked the bottle of champagne in her hand sassily and poured the content in her mouth allowing most the liquid pour on her body and using her hand, she spread the liquid all over her still firm breasts. Tumise did not even hear the thud as the bag in his hand fell, all he could her was the loud thump of his heartbeat and he felt his whole blood rush downwards.

Within seconds of watching Becca, he was hard as a rock. Before long, after licking the wine off his wife’s delicious body, she was straddling him on the couch. For the time she was pumping him hard, Tunmise felt himself soaring high in the clouds.  She screamed his name as she reached orgasm and just then too, he released.

Becca collapsed on top him and he could smell the champagne on her. Still panting, he rubbed his hands up and down her back.
        “You never cease to surprise me, you wench”, he said playfully
        “And you will never stop dazzling me, my kind master”, she replied jokingly planting a kiss on his forehead.
Becca got up from the couch and pulled Tunmise off the couch too leading him to the bathroom. She was going to continue what they had started in the bathroom and finish it in the bedroom. Usually, she listened to her husband talk about his numerous assignments and his day at work but it was going to be different tonight.

They were going to make love as long as both their energy would take.
Tumise followed her lead. He knew what she was doing and truthfully, he wanted it too. Tonight was definitely not the night to talk about work, he chided himself mentally to tell her about the new assignment later. For now, he was going to enjoy the benefits of marrying a great woman.

Tumise got to work the next morning feeling somewhat sober. He wished had the balls to wake his wife and tell her about the chunk of cash lying in his bank account but becca was looking like an angel while sleeping and he didn’t have the heart to disturb her.

He thought hard for a long time about what to do and was torn in between decisions. He knew his heart would not let him hiding anything from her but he felt she would be better off not knowing about the new job and the money he was given.

After long time deliberating over the pros and cons, he decided to keep the money in another bank account that wasn’t known to the wife till it was a good time to tell her. Glad with his decision, he called his account officer and the necessary arrangements were made for the money to be transferred into a new account. 

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Fallen Predator

The bullet sliced through her, tearing through thick barricades till it lodged itself in the plum flesh of her large intestine. She felt herself fall steadily to the ground and the struggle to stay on her feet only heightened her pain. The warm dark red liquid was all she saw as she hit the ground. She could feel it too; her blood pooling around her, lapping at her skin gently like it was preparing to drown her.

Unconsciously, she moved her left hand to cover the gaping hole a little above her abdomen and held on tightly as if to prevent the blood from flowing out but nothing could stop the fluid; not even her overly large hand. She fought with the darkness already stealing over her as she took a sweeping glance around her environment. She could not stop the painful gasp that escaped her lips.

Surrounding her were the bodies of all the members of her deadly clan. True soldiers that had battled poverty the only way they could; taking their share of the nation’s wealth even if it meant endangering innocent lives.
She had led and learned from the six-man group for almost five years and they had grown to be a terrifying dark force in the society. They were feared and to the ruthless soldiers that was all the respect they needed from a nation that was deaf to the cries of the men of the slum.

No one understood what drove them to commit such atrocities except them. Not even the so many children they had given educational scholarships nor the families they had helped tremendously financially understood their plight.

These soldiers fought almost daily to enrich the lives of the poor, they stole from the wealthy to improve the living conditions for the men of the slum.
The smiles on the lips of these people drove them out again to hunt; they were always ready to risk their lives to see those smiles again especially from their own families.
She did nothing to stop the tears that escaped the confines of her lids. She didn’t even wish it to be stopped; she just allowed the tears cascade down her cheeks freely. She cried for the souls of her fellow comrades lost at war, she cried for the many sorrows and pains their death would cause especially to their homes, she cried for many children’s displaced future their death would cause and more, she cried for her own child. An innocent child that had been through hell and at such tender age.

She had watched her father die at the age of seven; a man killed by a stray bullet from a policeman’s gun and ignored by many hospitals for the lack of money. She was cheated by a political mogul who promised her the money in exchange for her body. She did her part and the man threw her out when he’d had his fill of her.

They had resigned to fate and with pain, she had watched her daughter kneel by the father’s side sending silent prayers to God but God knew pain was not good for man and took him away from them.

Her daughter had almost not survived the trauma. She vowed to take her revenge and give her daughter the best. She allowed her conscience to be buried with her husband; she had learned her conscience would be in her way for what she had in her mind.
The tears by then had turned to silent sobs, she felt her energy sapped and her lids heavy. She knew her time was near. Her pain had subsided to an almost faint ache and she felt a turbulent breeze trying to exorcise her soul from her body.
She tried hard to stay in contact with her soul but the breeze was too strong to struggle with. Succumbing to the wind, she felt an imminent peace come over her; none like she had felt in her 36 years of existence and just as her eyes closed, she made a silent request for her child to be cared for and loved by someone that would provide all she couldn’t give her. As soon as her eyes closed, she felt a tether release of her soul from her mortal flesh.
A veil of thick darkness engulfed her, dimming the light and hiding the world from view. She felt herself accelerate towards the sky at speed almost unfathomable. She moved towards clear and bright clouds till she felt dark forces churning, swirling around her, commanding strength.

Then suddenly, without warning, the blackness gathered itself like a great prehistoric beast and reared its head up before her. She felt her scream before she heard the deafening shriek as the flaming darkness swallowed her whole!!

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Friday nights at a joint at lobele; a surbub town in the hearts of cotonou, state capital of republic of benin was always fun. The genre of music blasting from the hi-fi speakers, the prettily shaped and nicely dressed waitresses, the alcohol, the sweet aroma of neatly cooked meals and snacks, the beautiful cars and motorcycles moving in and out of the park and the fascinating crowd spilling in and out of the opened-air arena made it all more compelling to always return every friday night but the most important reason I always want to spend my money at this local joint is the drama!! the drama always complete my friday nights.
On that special friday night, I was sipping my usual pamplemousee; a drink with a tangy taste of lemon, sweet taste of pineapple and a little shot of alcohol waiting for the grilled fish that I love so much when I saw a young girl with a petite frame sitting on the extreme end of one the man’s robust laps. The flesh of the portly gentleman’s ham hock overflowed the bar stool and dangled perilously threatening to topple the girl off the man’s lap. The girl was obviously oblivious to this as she rubbed the man’s plump body with tiny hands that looked like they were going to be swallowed up by the man’s body. I just stared and wondered how much the man could have paid her or promised her to make her feel so comfortable caressing a man almost ten times her size and obviously many odd years older than her, publicly. I laughed at the way the girl did it with such open abandonment and almost envied the ego she possessed because had started sucking on the man’s lips like it was her favorite candy. “Oh boy, dis babe don smoke igbo o”, I whispered to myself.
I was still watching with amazement and a bit of irritation when suddenly a young lad clad in such fancy garb only a student would wear burst out from nowhere. The horrified look on the girl’s face only confirmed what I was thinking. Her boyfriend don come burst her bubble, I giggled excitedly craning my neck to see the drama clearly.
“Whadda fuck you want with such irritant?”, the guy asked the girl pointing at the fat man.
The girl could not reply, she just shook like trembling leaves in the wind.
“I give you everything you fucking want and you still go around fucking men, huh?”, he shouted. When the girl didn’t answer, he moved close to the girl and shouted angrily at her “Titi, answer me now. I said whadda fuck are you doing with this old man”. The girl had started crying and muttering silent pleas. The obesed man just looked at the couple strangely. He was a beninoise and english was as foreign to him as fufu is to a white man. The young guy left the girl and went for the man. He pulled him up and the table rocked slightly as if aware of the weight of the man standing close to it. The man didn’t wait to be questioned before he started speaking gibberishly in french and the only I could grasp was “s’I’ll te plait, monsieur- please, sir”, the man was pleading for his life obviously.
By then, a little crowd had formed around them, begging the young dude to leave the innocent porky alone but the guy was too enraged to listen to anybody. Before we knew it, the young guy slugged the fat man and the man hit the ground with a thud that was close to a mini earthquake and on cue, the siren from gerdamarie’s vans filled the air and everyone started taking to their heels like some sort of pandemonium had struck the joint and truth be told, the gerdamarie could be likened to a pandemonium. The gerdamarie (popularly called gerdam) was benin police force in nigerian army form; very ruthless beings. I followed the lot and board the available bike to peckadis; my area without thinking about the unnecessary hike in the fare. All I wanted was to get home; a cell room was far from an ideal chilling zone.
In my room, some minutes later, I realized I had left without my already paid for grilled fish and charger but it was by far one of the best nights at lobele carifo. Laughing loudly to myself, I knew it was going to be a night to remember for a very long time.


Whistling merrily and waltzing to the tune as he walked into his office, Tumise felt on top of the world and why wouldn’t he after what he’d just experienced. His wife of six years had invited him back home for lunch and he was happy within him he hadn’t rejected her kind offer because after the wonderful meal she had prepared, she had also given him the best orgasm of his married life. “Becca, becca, omo to mo iyi oko”, he muttered cheerily to himself. His wife always did something amazing to remind him why he married her but that afternoon stood out. His body was still tingling from his sexual release and it was going to be tingling a long time after then. Becca had given him what he needed and the right time too. Taking her framed picture off his work desk, he stared lovingly. He was indeed a lucky man to have a wife love him so dearly and also made him feel like a complete man. Marriage to Rebecca was truly a divine blessing. The vibration of his phone interrupted his train of thoughts and he quickly dropped a kiss on the still-life becca before placing it back on his desk.
“Yes, detective inspector Badmus on the phone. Who am I speaking with please?, Tumise said with his best official tone.
“Officer, this is Kehinde Peters. My sister has just been murdered and I need your help”, the caller replied.
“What?! Have you reported this to the nearest police station around you?”
“No”, she replied a bit reluctantly.
“You should do that, they would help you better after you’ve made an official report”
The caller was getting irritated and impatient that she shouted angrily into the phone, “This is Kehinde Peters, an ambassador and the daughter of the minister of foreign policies; Dr Peters. My twin sister Taiwo Peters has just been MURDERED”, she shouted the last word like it was Tumise who committed the crime.
“My God ma’am, I had no idea. Are you alright ma?, Tumise asked, a bit taken aback.
“Too late to ask that officer. I need your help. I will text an address to you in some minutes. Meet me there in thirty minutes”, she retorted.
“My help?! Thirty minutes?!”, asked Tumise, somewhat surprised.
“Yes to both questions”
“Okay ma’am”
The caller dropped the call and two minutes afterwards, he got the address to his meeting point with ambassador in his inbox. It was a long drive from the station and to get there in 30mins, he needed to get moving immediately.

Kehinde Peters severed the connection to the call that she’d just placed and was slightly disgusted at the officer’s reaction after he found out who he was talking with. “Gosh! People are just hypocrites”, she said to herself a bit too loudly that her trusted assistant and confidant turned to ask her what was going on. Kenny waved her off not because she couldn’t tell her assistant what was running through her mind but because her mind was too disheveled to form comprehensible words. She’d been that way since she found out her twin sister had died in a ghastly motor accident and flown back to Nigeria to pay her respect to the dead. The best explanation she got was that Taiwo was driving at such high speed and had lost control but she felt it too trivial to believe. Her sister was the fastest driver she knew but a very careful one. She liked to live life a little bit on the edge but she knew Taiwo was always cautious to have herself killed by her recklessness. She had a strong intuition that Taiwo’s accident was murder. It wasn’t just her senses telling her that her twin was murdered, she had every reason to believe strongly that she was killed especially after what Taiwo had shared with her just few hours before her demise.
She didn’t even feel the tears trickling down her cheeks till the loud melancholy voice of Adele singing about setting someone on fire jarred her from her reverie. It was her P.A; derinsola calling to announce the presence of detective inspector Tumise Badmus. She washed her face off with cool water and applied little make up on to conceal the dark rings beneath her eyes and swollen eyes. She liked to be in control and hated being pitied. She looked at the mirror one more time before she left her room and almost congratulated herself. She looked braver than she felt!!

The elegant lady descending the flight did not look anything close to bereaved. She was dressed in a simple black sleeveless dress that stopped a little above the knee, showing off well shaped legs that rivaled any top model’s and had a dark scarf wound round her neck. Her make-up was very light; almost unnoticed and she wore no jewelry except  tiny diamond stud earrings that shone brightly whenever it caught the light. She moved with such poise that showed she was a lady that loved to be in control at all times and the air around her sizzled with power that detective inspector Tumise Badmus need not be introduced to know he was in the presence of the honorable ambassador, Ms Kehinde Peters. She was a beautiful young woman he guessed still in her late twenties or very early thirties. In another life, he wagered, she could have been a model and a successful one at that.
Ushered into a mini bar, Tumise followed Kehinde like a docile servant and only sat when offered.
“Officer, I don’t need to waste your time since. I know by what you heard on the phone, you know why you are here”.
“I guess so ma’am, but I will like to go over it with you again for more clarity”, Tumise said, in his best official voice thinking how rude she was not even offering him anything to keep his throat cold and moist.
“Sure. I was hoping you’d say that”.  She handed him an envelope and continued, “inside that envelope is every information you need to start your investigation with”.
“Investigation, you say ma’am?”
“Yes or did I stutter?!”, visibly irritated.
“You didn’t ma. Just that I’m not sure….”
“Not sure what? You are not man enough to investigate the murder of twin sister?”, kehinde shouted.
Her anger was not called for but Tumise understood why she was angry over nothing. She was battling to keep her emotions at bay and stay in control at the same time. If he was the one, he would lash out too. Tumise had worked on so many murder cases, enough to be familiar with what she was going through and she felt so sorry for her. On the surface, she looked so calm and brave but he knew she was crumbling inside.
“Ma’am, I’m a dedicated police officer and serving justice is my forte. I would love nothing more than to help you see that justice is served for your sister’s murder”, Tumise replied with a stern that he hoped would calm her
“Good, because my sources revealed you’re the best man for the job and my sources are reliable”, more calm, she replied with a sass.
“I promise to do a thorough job ma”, he said, smiling.
“Your account will be credited with five hundred thousand naira first thing tomorrow”
“Thank you ma but it is my sworn duty and I expect no payment for it”
Kehinde’s lips lifted in a ghost of a smile. She’d been told the young officer was different from the rest in the police force. Truthful, loyal, strong-willed and  dedicated to his work expecting little or nothing in return but she knew the best of services don’t come cheap. Money had a way of getting you the result you desire within a short period of time
“Detective inspector Tumise Badmus, don’t see the money as a payment for the services you’re about to render. See it as a little gift to your loving wife and your unborn child, I’m sure they would be glad”, she said.
“Hmmmmm, spoken like a true politician. I see someone did their assignments well”.
“And you’re an intelligent man”
“I still insist you keep the money ma’am”
“See this as a lost battle. Feel free to study the documents here. If you want anything, my P.A will attend to you”                                                                                                           “No ma’am, I’d better do that in the comforts of my office. Thank you ma. I promise to do an excellent work”
Tumise picked up the envelope and car keys and took his leave. He was by the door way when her voice stopped him
“Officer, keep this as discrete as possible. When you read the documents in the envelope, you’d know why”
He nodded his understanding and left.
…………………..To be Continued……………….




The two bottles of sabrina; a locally distilled gin did nothing to stop her from feeling so scared. She had done everything she knew could help her chase the fears away but nothing seemed to help abate the feeling that kept swamping her very core of being. She had tried marijuana, taken all sorts of stimulants and was becoming a frequent alcoholic consumer and nothing had helped her condition, it felt like it was escalating her fears even the more. If only she had been more cautious but it was a week too late to think. All she could do was run and hope it would all be behind her very soon but that flicker of hope was very dim, very, very dim. She knew her chance of survival was slim but even so slim, she was determined to live. She had always survived and she was ready to survive no matter what it took.
She picked her knapsack from the bed, it contained her traveling documents, few clothes, bank debit cards and some money. She had packed in a hurry and packed only the necessary things. It wasn’t a time to deliberate over what material thing to pack. She had such little time to escape and she need not waste it over frivolous things that can easily be replaced. She dumped the bag in the back of the new car she had hurriedly purchased en-route to her house and drove like the devil itself was on her tail. She wanted to get out of the country as fast as she could before the black cats got wind of where she was. She knew she could not do the necessary travel processing here in Nigeria, that was why she had contacted her twin sister in benin republic to pave the way for her to travel from there. Being the daughter of the minister of foreign policies and the twin sister to the nigerian ambassador in benin republic, it was a piece of cake. Allowing herself to smile a little, she drove faster, so eager to get away from her troubles and start all over but this time with a promise to have a better life.

Fear Factor!

Sad Teenage Girl

I stared long and hard at the little cardboard paper in my hand. It was a prototype of an invitation card; an invitation card that was to announce the wedding ceremony of my boyfriend except the name next to his on the card wasn’t mine. I felt my world at a stand still and couldn’t register anything in my mind except the guy I had loved devotedly for almost six years was about to marry someone else. I picked up the envelope that I found the card in and shook the contents out. In the envelope were pictures of the girl and my boyfriend, all sorts of wedding plans and arrangements in black and white, location of the wedding ceremony, list of invited guests, little details about the families involved and so many other information related to the wedding ceremony. I was oblivion to the tears rolling down my eyes, all I could feel was this sharp pain in my heart like it was being ripped into two. Hurt and angry, I dumped the papers into the envelope and took it away.
I got to the one-room apartment I shared with a co-worker and just collapsed on the floor and cried my eyes out. I had been the best lover to BJ. I gave him everything. My entire life was built around him. I loved him with everything; my money, my body, in short I didn’t have any identity of my own. All I did was help build his own dream, sold my inheritance to help start his own company thinking I was building a legacy for our unborn children. I helped pay for a house; a house we were going to call our home. it was a costly mistake; dumping all my cash on an ass-hole that I planned on avenging. He ruined six years of my life and wasn’t getting away with it.
Mastering the whole details of the wedding and always checking if they’ve been changed, I delved into my plan to avenge my loss. On the wedding day, while the pastor was joining them together, I shot them both. Shot the bride twice and emptied the 6 bullets remaining in the 8-compartment gun on BJ; each bullet for each year. After shooting, I ran as fast my legs could carry to the car I parked nearby. I drove and drove not caring where I was headed. I just wanted to get out of the city. I reached a small town and spent the night in a small motel.
I fell really sick and was admitted at the only clinic at the small town where the doctor confirmed I was three months pregnant and I was lucky not to have miscarried the baby. He told me to rest but how could I? I had sent the man that I had devoted my life to to heaven for betraying me and the reminder of him was growing in my stomach. I’m filled with so much fear for this innocent child because I’m scared I would hurt the baby and if I didn’t, the child was going to haunt me till I die. He was a fear factor I’m stuck with for the rest of my life…..

(happy birthday, my very own gentleman, oyeleye….. God bless you, your territory and your works…….. may you grow from strength to wealth… live long and prosper, mwuah mwuah!!!)

All Mine To Bear…



Met this guy who blew my mind
He’s very sweet and very kind
And at first kiss, our hearts did bind
He was dear & in him I could always confide

He wiped my tears and made me smile
Every minute spent was worth the while
With him, I could see myself walk down the aisle
Our love as large as the river Nile

Then came this doubt gnawing at my heart
With each passing day, we grew apart
To his truth and honesty, I became as blind as a bat
Our once blooming love, was deteriorating fast

I searched my mind, what could have gone wrong
Our relationship used to be like the lyrics of a love song
We used to be stuck as the mouth is with the tongue
The thirst for u, my heart seize to long

Love as white as a dove became impure
My certainty…

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Hold My Hands



Hold my hands, let’s take a walk together
I promise it will be fun and always to remember
A journey of more than a thousand miles filled with laughter
A journey to remember and cherish forever

Hold my hands, let’s walk this mile
I promise to make it worth your while
Hold my hands, let’s walk down the aisle
A beautiful journey with our feelings a huge pile

Hold my hands, I’ll always let you lead
And to your every word will I always heed
When I’m down, it’s you I will always need
I love you dear, chaff and seed

Hold my hands, never let go
Don’t you see, how I love you so
This love I feel in my heart I will always let it grow
Love so beautiful and radiant, always will it glow

Hold my hands, hold it tight never give up on us without a…

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The Perfect Valentine



Being in a relationship with a guy for almost seven years had its advantage and its disadvantage. The advantage; people saw the consistency, devotion and commitment that they always use you as an example to their kids, siblings and friends.

The pride people have in you is always evident. When they see the two of you hold hands or display any other kind of affection publicly the smile on their face is usually priceless. People don’t even judge you when they find out the two of you are sexually active. In fact some people will go as far as coming to give you the encouragement to be sexually active, and when you quarrel, it’s like everyone around you is affected. They will find a way to get you guys back together.

I for one enjoy the advantages of being in a relationship with my boyfriend for this long and the…

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Taunting Secret


By Alice Dako

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It was the last weekend of the month and I was so excited because I was going to spring a surprise visit on my boyfriend. We’d been so busy that we barely saw each other that month and I’d so missed him that I could barely wait to see him. I was also excited because I had planned some really nice new things to try out with him both in the kitchen and in the bedroom. I’d bought new sets of lingeries and a very expensive bottle of perfume that smells wonderfully and also acts as an aphrodisiac. I was going to rekindle the fire of passion between us and also wow my boyfriend.

I got off early from work and went home to pick my already packed overnight bag. Since I had a spare key to his apartment, I didn’t bother checking if he was home…

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