Fallen Predator

The bullet sliced through her, tearing through thick barricades till it lodged itself in the plum flesh of her large intestine. She felt herself fall steadily to the ground and the struggle to stay on her feet only heightened her pain. The warm dark red liquid was all she saw as she hit the ground. She could feel it too; her blood pooling around her, lapping at her skin gently like it was preparing to drown her.

Unconsciously, she moved her left hand to cover the gaping hole a little above her abdomen and held on tightly as if to prevent the blood from flowing out but nothing could stop the fluid; not even her overly large hand. She fought with the darkness already stealing over her as she took a sweeping glance around her environment. She could not stop the painful gasp that escaped her lips.

Surrounding her were the bodies of all the members of her deadly clan. True soldiers that had battled poverty the only way they could; taking their share of the nation’s wealth even if it meant endangering innocent lives.
She had led and learned from the six-man group for almost five years and they had grown to be a terrifying dark force in the society. They were feared and to the ruthless soldiers that was all the respect they needed from a nation that was deaf to the cries of the men of the slum.

No one understood what drove them to commit such atrocities except them. Not even the so many children they had given educational scholarships nor the families they had helped tremendously financially understood their plight.

These soldiers fought almost daily to enrich the lives of the poor, they stole from the wealthy to improve the living conditions for the men of the slum.
The smiles on the lips of these people drove them out again to hunt; they were always ready to risk their lives to see those smiles again especially from their own families.
She did nothing to stop the tears that escaped the confines of her lids. She didn’t even wish it to be stopped; she just allowed the tears cascade down her cheeks freely. She cried for the souls of her fellow comrades lost at war, she cried for the many sorrows and pains their death would cause especially to their homes, she cried for many children’s displaced future their death would cause and more, she cried for her own child. An innocent child that had been through hell and at such tender age.

She had watched her father die at the age of seven; a man killed by a stray bullet from a policeman’s gun and ignored by many hospitals for the lack of money. She was cheated by a political mogul who promised her the money in exchange for her body. She did her part and the man threw her out when he’d had his fill of her.

They had resigned to fate and with pain, she had watched her daughter kneel by the father’s side sending silent prayers to God but God knew pain was not good for man and took him away from them.

Her daughter had almost not survived the trauma. She vowed to take her revenge and give her daughter the best. She allowed her conscience to be buried with her husband; she had learned her conscience would be in her way for what she had in her mind.
The tears by then had turned to silent sobs, she felt her energy sapped and her lids heavy. She knew her time was near. Her pain had subsided to an almost faint ache and she felt a turbulent breeze trying to exorcise her soul from her body.
She tried hard to stay in contact with her soul but the breeze was too strong to struggle with. Succumbing to the wind, she felt an imminent peace come over her; none like she had felt in her 36 years of existence and just as her eyes closed, she made a silent request for her child to be cared for and loved by someone that would provide all she couldn’t give her. As soon as her eyes closed, she felt a tether release of her soul from her mortal flesh.
A veil of thick darkness engulfed her, dimming the light and hiding the world from view. She felt herself accelerate towards the sky at speed almost unfathomable. She moved towards clear and bright clouds till she felt dark forces churning, swirling around her, commanding strength.

Then suddenly, without warning, the blackness gathered itself like a great prehistoric beast and reared its head up before her. She felt her scream before she heard the deafening shriek as the flaming darkness swallowed her whole!!

Note: Episode2 of The Stalwart Knight comes up on friday…


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