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Month: May, 2013

… smoke was everywhere, I was struggling to breath. The fire was only in one side of the room, but the smoke made it seem like suya was bout to go down. I struggled to release myself of my ‘shackles’. I pulled and pulled to no avail. The fire was spreading… fast! Just as I thought I would die in my own bed thanks to kinky sex, I heard footsteps.. “HELP!!!! I shouted. “We’re coming” came the unmistakable voice of my neighbour Yemi Sowale-McGregor. Despite the state I found myself in, I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of a group of men “cumming” to my rescue. I could see two figures by the door through the smoke with fire extinguishers in their hands. I knew I had 4 in the house so I guessed they were mine. Luckily for us all, the fire was still just on the floor, having not come in contact with any easily flammable material.  A few minutes later, the heat had reduced, but the smoke was even more. The smoke was taking its toll on me, I was
going to pass
out. I felt a hand on my wrist, actually two hands on my wrist. I assumed they were doing something about the cuffs. “Where are the Keys?” Segun, Yemi’s brother, the other male figure I had seen asked. “I don’t know, I have an axe at the back of the house” I managed to say between coughs. Segun dashed out of the room and was back between seconds.  I wonder why he’d never considered becoming a sprinter, he would give Usian Bolt a run for his money. “Ok, hold still.” one swing of the axe, and my right hand was free. The process followed with my other hand and legs and a few seconds later, I was being led out of the house arm over shoulders by the Sowale-McGregor brothers. “Is he okay?” I heard a female voice say as we stepped out of the front door. I looked up to see Tinuade, Yemi’s beautiful wife. I had always respected her as Yemi’s wife, but seeing her in her almost see-through nightdress was just too much to handle. I saw her eyes leave my face and
draw a straight line down to my Genitalia. I
had completely forgotten I was stark naked. I followed her eyes down and I realized I was in the initial phase of an Iron man. I quickly turned towards the other men not sure if my little show of shame had been noticed. Segun was raising his phone towards the sky obviously looking for network, while Yemi had gone back into the house. “Here, put this on” Yemi said running out and handing me a pair of shorts and  t-shirt. “We saw smoke coming out of your window and we called the fire service. I don’t even know why they’re not here already. We ran here and realized your gate was open. Thank God for the fire extinguishers we met here. Where is your Rav4? and where could your gateman Jama possibly be at a time like this?” My brain went into overdrive as he mentioned that name. I ran inside the house, grabbed the keys of my sports car, my wallet and one of my phones. “Where the hell could you possibly be going? you need to get to a hospital” Segun said. “I’ll
be right back” was all I
said as I walked past him. I reduced my pace as I walked past Tinuade and whispered loud enough for her to hear. “Another day baby”, I felt her stiffen, I liked it. She wanted me. I started the engine and eased onto the street. I zoomed past two fire trucks, sirens blaring. “Retards!” I said loud enough. I picked up my phone and called ‘Envoy Tracking’.. after a few beeps, “Envoy Tracking… “Username and password please?” The female voice asked. “Username, Cortana, Password S, L, double A, Y, A, R. all in caps.” I responded. I never got over how geeky my username and password were. I heard fingers on a keyboard and after confirming my details, “What can I do for you sir?” “I’m trying to locate my car. The Rav4 to be precise.”… “I can see your Rav4 turning onto The Third Mainland bridge at Ojota.” “Ok Thank You. I’ll call back if I need any help”…. “Should I call the po…” I hung up before she finished her statement. I dialled another number  and
after a few rings.. “Guyy!! by this time? This had better be good.” my friend Azuka the
youngest assistant commissioner of police in the country answered. “Sorry man, some retard set my house on fire, kidnapped my babe and stole my car.” I lied. “CHINEKE! are you okay? where are you now?” he said fully awoken from his slumber. “Relax man, I’m okay. The fire has been put out. I’m tracking my car and its heading towards the Island on 3rd Mainland bridge. I need your patrol boys to intercept it.”… “ok, ok, I’m sure they are on the bridge already. What’s the car model and plate number?” “Its a 2012 Black Rav4 L. LSR-69AG” I answered. Alright, I’ll call you back. I got to maryland and faced Ojota. Only one thing was on my mind, “catch that bitch and that backstabbing gateman.” I felt my phone vibrate. “Zuki!” … “They’re on the lookout for your car. Trust me, they’ll catch him.” “Yess boss!” My mind settled a bit. I was at Ojota in no time. I averaged 120km/h, and when I was on the bridge, I was hitting 170. A few minutes later over the Lagos
Lagoon, my Rav4 was in sight with 5
policemen around it. I parked and came out of my car just time to see Jama and Vanessa getting handcuffed. “You’re commissioners friend sir?” one of the policemen, obviously the one in charge asked. . “Yes I am. heyy, release her, he kidnapped her, that’s my girlfriend.” I lied again. “Release the girl. You know here am ni? abi you wan lose your job?” The policemen shouted at his obvious subordinate. Jama looked bewildered. “Oga! na lie o. I no kidnap any ..” The butt of the gun that landed on his head was enough to shut him up. “Make una enter motor, this one dey go station. Oga make we escort you reach house?” One of the policemen asked. “Don’t worry, my girlfriend and I just need to talk a little.” The policemen left Vanessa and I on the bridge. “why did you lie?” she asked. “You see baby, you’re gonna be my sex slave for the rest of your useless life. I’m gonna fuck you everyday till you bleed. Its either that or you jump off this bridge right now.”
I said with an evil grin. Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Please you cant do this to me.” she said in between tears. “I can baby, and I will.” I walked towards the barrier of the bridge. A car
sped past us. Driver probably too drunk to notice anything. “You can jump baby”… I looked at the Lagoon down below. I couldn’t see the water clearly, but I could hear its movement. I turned to face Vanessa just as she jumped of the bridge.. “NOOOOOO!!! ” I screamed as I grabbed her arm. She was too heavy. The barrier gave way…. The distance between the bridge and the water seemed like a million light years. I could hear Vanessa screaming as we both were heading into the Lagoon. I couldn’t scream. I closed my eyes. Was this the end? My face hit the water……  “Guyyy!! Make we dey go na.” …… again, my face hit the water….. No! It was water hitting my face. “Guyy.. you dey sleep sha. You think say na your papa house you dey?” again.. water! I swipped my hands on my face. I looked around. “Make we dey go house jorr” I saw Azuka. Wait! Where was I? “na wa o… person no fit carry you go party. Which kind dream you dey dream sef?” Azuka shouted.
“Mannn.. If
only you knew.” I said. I managed to get myself on my feet, looked around. The party was empty. bottles and cups everywhere… then my heart stopped. In a sexy black mini dress, just a few metres from where I stood, starring at me….. Vanessa!

By Mr. Slayer

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Peter shook his head as he got down from the bed. One of the reasons he hated being an undercover P.I was that he could be called at any time of the day not caring if he had something to do at that moment. That night was one of those nights. His girlfriend was around and he had promised to dedicate the whole weekend to her but it seemed that was about to change. He walked gently to the door and opened it very carefully so he won’t wake her up. It was better to argue later than to try to make her understand then. He picked up his shorts and polo from the floor they had been thrown in the heat of their passionate love making. He put the shorts on and threw the polo over his shoulder and wore a flip flop. And as he steered the car to the route leading to Tumise’s office with one hand, he wore his polo. Done with donning on his shirt, he sent a text to his girlfriend to tell her where he went, praying silently that she would understand. He drove a bit faster than normal and got to the office in fifteen minutes. He never knocked, so he opened the door to office without a warning to the occupant.
Tumise looked up and was a bit startled to see Peter in the office that he spilled hot coffee on himself. He had known him for almost 12 years and wasn’t still accustomed to the way he barged into his office without knocking and frankly, he would never be used to it.
“Guy, when will you learn to knock the door.”.
“When you get used to it.”, Peter replied, dropping his whole weight on the old chair in the office.
“So, dude, what’s up? And please hurry about it too. my babe dey house o”.
“Man, I had no idea she dey o but I really need your help with this thing I’m on”.
“Okay, what is the thing?”.
Tumise told him everything about the job and showed him the contents in the envelope. Peter read everything and held the cheque longer than he did the rest.
Clearing his throat, “This one hard small o because na top people dey involved.”.
“My sentiments exactly. I’m really curios about the case especially now that the cheque don surface.”
“I can’t really grasp all these. Why don’t you photocopy the papers for me. I’ll finish this at home”.
“Okay, I’ll do that”.
Tumise got up and went to the photocopying machine. He made extra copies of the papers and took them to his friend.
“I need you to go through these very well so there won’t be any loose ends and I need to know who that titilope adams is and why she was paid that kind of cash”.
“Not a problem but how far the money part now, ehn?”.
“Peter peter, na so your own be. No worry, I go send half of the cash to you on monday”.
“My guy, na why I like you be that. You too sure jare, he said”, grinning like a contented cat just fed his favourite bowl of milk.
“It’s nothing joor. As long as the job is done”.
“Smalls. Let me get back home. I’ll call you tomorrow”.
Peter left the office, leaving a calmer Tumise behind. Tumise packed up his stuffs and shoved them in the bag he carried to work daily. It was time to go home to his beautiful queen.
It was morning before Kenny decided to switch her phone on. The exhilarating feeling of yesterday was so blissful that she wanted nothing to interrupt with her moment of happiness and she was glad she did so because she woke up feeling better than she had since she lost her twin. She read her messages and when she got to tumise’s message, she immediately placed a call to him.
“Hello, detective. I just got your message”, she rushed her words, impatient to hear what the detective had to tell her. “What’s up?”.
“Ma’am, someone called to threaten me. He told me to drop the case or else I would face the consequences”.
“Are you serious?”.
“Yes ma’am. I tried to call you almost immediately but your phone was switched off”.
“Yes, I was not around. Had to attend to something urgently”.
“Okay. Wanted to ask if you told anyone or suspect anyone”.
“Errrm, I only told my mom and she was really against it. In fact, we fought over the issue but I don’t know if she could go that far.”.
“Okay, I will try and check your mother out”
“Okay then. Let me know what’s up afterwards, okay?”.
“Alright ma”.
“Good. Is there anything else?”.
“Actually, yes. Do you by any chance know any Titilope Adams?”.
“Oh my God! Come to my house, immediately!”.

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“I have to go home now”, B said, looking at her wristwatch for what seemed like the millionth time to kenny.
“Babes, relax now. The night is still young”, kenny replied, trying hard to keep a straight face.
“I know but I have some things to do at home that can’t wait and besides, my parents will be so furious with me if I get back really late”.
“Oh, I get. You are the parents’ golden egg, abi?”, Kenny replied teasingly.
“As their only child, yes o”, she batted her lashes and they both erupted in laughter.
“Promise me we’re going to hang out soon?”, kenny asked
“Sure thing. Just ping me or call me and I’ll be at your beck and call”, B replied with a wink.
They walked hand in hand out of the bar and when they reached B’s car, kenny hugged her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before releasing her.
B scrubbed her lips with the back of her palm like kenny had deposited a deadly poison there. She scrubbed till they felt numb under her soft palm.
“Gosh, I so hate lesbians”
She picked her phone and sent a text to the don. Message delivered, she drove to her one room back up apartment. It was high time she got rid of the painfully tight dress.
The Don smiled as she read the message. She knew the girl was the right person for the job and was glad at her steady progress. She wasn’t rushing the whole ordeal which wouldn’t alert the poor ambassador. She never had the intention of destroying the young politician but she knew too much and she had crossed the line when she decided to hire Tumise to dig further. “Tumise”, she thought with pure hatred. The man loved his job more than his life and he wasn’t scared to let everyone know about that fact. She would deal with them both and by the time she was through, they would be gnashing their teeth in horror and biting their fingers in pain.
Kenny sang loudly to the music blasting through her car stereo. Fuck Lagos’ rule, she was going to turn the player to the loudest and sing along with it. She wasn’t tipsy; far from it. She was in a very good mood and B had everything to do with it. Every time she mentioned the name in her mind, she felt tiny electric currents coursing through her body. It was a long time since she had felt that way about anyone and was so excited, she could not curtail it. At that moment she felt like she could float in the sky. She forgot about her sister’s death and mother’s rejection. She felt so good that she wished it wouldn’t stop being that way. B was an angel sent to her, she thought, singing humming loudly to Keisha Cole’s heaven sent. The only regret she had was that her sweet angel refused to accompany her home but she knew soon, the both of them would be tumbling in her silky sheets.
Tumise was restless and he hated being restless. The ambassador had not called him back and it had been almost five hours since he sent the text to her. He tried to call her again but he was told the number was switched off. Sighing loudly, he picked up the envelope and poured out the contents on the table and started gathering them together as if it would restore decorum to his wandering mind. He picked the papers one after the other, re-arranging them according to their size. He was on the last of the papers when he noticed something new. The words on the paper were faint like it had been photocopied a million times. He picked it up and moved closer to the light. What he saw amazed him. It wasn’t just an ordinary paper. It was a photocopied cheque leaflet. The cheque was addressed to one Adams Titilope and carried the sum of 100 million naira on it. The investigation just got complicated. He needed to know who Titilope Adams was and why she was being paid that kind of cash. He also pondered the reason the late Taiwo Peters had photocopied the cheque leaflet. It definitely wasn’t as a proof of payment only. His instincts told him it was to serve as an evidence of some sort. He raked through the contents of the envelope to see if there was something else he had missed. Satisfied that there was nothing else, Tumise picked up his phone and dialed the number of his unofficial partner.
“Paddy e, can you come to my office now?”.
“Ehn, you still own a wrist watch ba?”.
“I know it is late but I need you to come over now.”.
“Ogbeni, na only matter fit drag me from this bed.”.
“Omo ibo like you. No worry dey come. Big package dey for you.”.
“Na now you dey talk. Give me twenty minutes, I’ll be there”.
“Thank you mayne. I’ll be waiting.”.
Kenny ended the call and walked to the office kitchen. He needed to do something to keep him occupied and also calm his excited nerves. Coffee would do well for both.

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The deacon buttoned his shirt hurriedly not giving a care if he did them wrongly. He had a meeting with the elders of the church in some minutes and he had to hurry. He knew the elders had been noticing his clumsiness and lateness in the past weeks and if he wasn’t careful, they were going to find out the reason behind his clumsiness. He smiled as Anjola walked in front of him, purposely swaying her hips.
“Anjola, jola. Don’t put me in trouble, abeg.”, he said still smiling.
“Deacon Olaiya, trouble bawo? Sebi you like it ni, that is why you keep coming back”.
“Errr, it is true that I like it o, scratch that sef, I love it. God will not let you be the death of me”.
“Deacon, deacon. Me sef, I love it. Ko s’iku lo ju yin jo. Emi ni ma lo yin gbo – death is far from you, we’ll be together for a long time”.
“Ah! Where do you want me to throw mummy bola, iwo omode yi – you this child?”.
“E gbagbe iyen jare -forget that one jare”.
Finally done with the shirt, tie and suit, he made to leave when Anjola stopped him.
“When next are we seeing?”.
“You know I can’t say. Let me call after the meeting, sogbo?”
He kissed her lightly on the lips and left, leaving a smiling Anjola by the doorway.
Pastor Temidere looked at his battered leather wrist watch for the fifth time and was slightly irritated. It was thirty minutes after the meeting with the elders and deacon of the church was supposed to have started and deacon Olaiya was nowhere to be found. They had tried his phone number so many times and all they  got was the common female’s voice “the number you have dialed is not available at the moment, please try again later”. Concerned, he decided to call deacon Olaiya’s wife.
“Good afternoon, Pastor”.
“Good afternoon o, mama bola. How are you and your kids?”.
“We thank God pastor, they are all fine o. Ese sir.
“Olorun lo lope. Mama Bola, what of the deacon? We’ve been waiting for him over thirty minutes now.”.
“He left the house since ke. B’oya the traffic is what is delaying him”.
Just as he was about to say something, the deacon hurried in.
“He is here sef. Ese mama bola. Regards to the kids”.
Pastor Temidire summoned for the deacon to come for a private talk before they would start the meeting.
“Pastor, good afternoon. I’m sorry I am late. Traffic yen po gan.
“Deacon, this is so unlike you. Why have you changed so suddenly? Do you want the devil to be happy ni?”.
“Rara pastor. I’ll change sir. I promise sir”.
“Good, please do because the Lord isn’t happy with you.”.
Pastor dismissed the deacon but not after he had noticed a faint lipstick mark on the deacon’s shirt and the mishap in the buttoning of the shirt. The pastor knew that the deacon was having an affair and he needed to investigate immediately.
Mama Bola; deacon Olaiya’s wife was perturbed after her last call. Her husband had left home like three hours before the pastor had called her for that same meeting he was late for. Even the traffic was at its worst, he would get to the church within an hour. For like a month, her husband had been going out frequently especially at night and he’d been acting weird. She needed to know what her husband was up to. She called the nanny and gave her instructions, after which she picked her car keys. It was time to visit a private investigator she knew would be ready to help her.
Deacon Olaiya had an eerie feeling about the impromptu meeting the pastor had called him for. Not that it was the first time but his intuition told him was  something wrong, terribly wrong. As he stepped into the office of the pastor, he suddenly felt very cold in the hot office. Anjola and his wife were sitting down there obviously waiting for him to come. He was about telling his mind to tell his legs to move as fast they could when the pastor called him in.
“Deacon Olaiya, come in. You’re welcome”.
“Thank you, pastor”, he said, scratching his head.
He sat on the third vacant seat trying hard to avoid the questioning looks of Anjola and the piercing gaze of his wife.
“Now that we are all here, we’ll go straight to the issue. We had prayed before you came in, deacon. Mama Bola, tell your husband and Anjola what you told me”.
Mama Bola shook her head and looked hard before she spoke.
“Thank you, pastor. God will continue to be with you sir. My husband here and this witch here are sleeping together”.
If only looks could kill, the deacon and anjola would have died on that spot. Anjola returned her stare with equal venom but the deacon just shook in his seat.
“Mama Bola, how will you say such a thing? In front of a man of God, ehn?”, Anjola said, eyeing the woman with pure disgust. “Iro ni o pastor – it is a lie, pastor”.
“But mama bola, why all these now?”, the deacon said, his voice was a bit shaky.
Mama bola stood up in anger. She descended on her husband and the pastor struggled before he could separate them.
“Mama Bola, if you knew you could handle this matter alone. You would have done this at home.”
“Ema binu pastor. It was their denial that angered me, sir”, she said breathing heavily.
“Now sit down and start all over again. No chicken fight this time around o. If not, I will leave you alone”.
“Mo ti gbo sir”, she said humbly to the pastor. She turned to her husband with venom glaring in her eyes.
“Baba bola. The private investigator I hired to follow you after I noticed you have changed in the past weeks brought back report that you were sleeping with sister anjola”.
“And you believe him, ehn? You will believe an outsider? You want to ruin this marriage because of your investigator, abi?”.
“Shut up jo. Air don blow, fowl yansh don open. Shioor”. She brought a big brown envelope from her bag and emptied the contents on her husband’s laps.
Deacon Olaiya need not deny any further. There were pictures of him and anjola everywhere having sex, hanging out, at the sunlight strip club. The pictures seemed endless. It was like a horrible nightmare but the look of shock etched on Anjola’s face confirmed it was very real.
“Oh my God”, was all could say and he felt warm liquid trailing down his pant to his feet.

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I sat at the edge of the tub, tears bathing my face as the water should and having no strength to stop it. I let the tears run down my cheeks not caring if it stung my bruises. The pain I felt had wound its way to my soul threatening to rob me of more than the few missing skin and broken limbs that I’m accustomed to loosing; my sanity. I stood up and walked gingerly to the gigantic mirror in the bathroom, ignoring my protesting joints. It was the first time in months I had summoned enough courage to see a reflection of myself. The girl that stared back at me looked nothing like me. The once beautiful, vibrant young girl was gone. I looked like an old woman struggling to keep it together. Reflexively, I touched the little scars on my face. They were so many of them, standing out like little stars in the sky on a dark night. My once stunning eyes were bloodshot with dark rings around it and my luscious lips, swollen and disfigured. I disrobed and the sight of open cracks all over my body made the salty water escape the confines of my duct. I shut my eyes against the image hoping to shut it from my mind’s eye too but it was impossible.
I saw the first time he hit me. He had said it was a mistake and I loved him so much, so I overlooked it and forgave him. The other times he would get drunk and hit me so hard. I never blamed him then, I blamed the alcohol. Besides that, I was scared. Scared of never finding a man who would even glance at me the second time, scared I would be an old maid living alone in my parents’ house, scared I will never know what marriage would be like, so I stayed and endured it all. For eight years, I endured the harsh treatments he lashed out at me, I endured the pains when he would use me as his sex slave after battering me. I endured it in silence, not whispering a word about the abuse he inflicted on me to anybody. I would stay at home and drown my pains and depression in pills of anti-depression drugs my pharmacist friend had prescribed for me. Sometimes I wondered if he would stop being angry and other times, I would blame myself for infuriating him.

I felt his presence before I felt his touch on my shoulders. I opened my eyes and looked at him through the mirror. His face was buried in my shoulder and his poise reeked of remorse. He had come to apologize as he usually did.
“Baby, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”, he said, planting light kisses on my shoulder. Every kiss felt like the blow I received with his fist. I cringed at my sudden disgust of him.
“Baby, I’m so sorry to hurt you. I promise I’m never gaan hit you again.”
But I was tired of the “I’m sorrys”. I was tired of blaming myself for his problems. I was tired of living like a mule to be maltreated anyhow by its owner. I was tired of the pills I swallowed. I was tired of sticking with a psycho because I was scared to start all over. I was tired of having my love trampled upon and thrown back at me. I was tired of him, of the ghost of a relationship I was trying to protect. I was tired of everything.
“I’m sorry too. I’m sorry for indulging you in your childish anger tantrums, I’m sorry I allowed myself to used by someone who doesn’t deserve me. I’m sorry I can’t take this any longer but I’m not sorry to leave you.”, I sounded calmer than I felt. I stared at him through the mirror, the un-shed tears making my eyes shine like fiery dark coals.
“Now, baby don’t be silly. I know that’s a joke. I’m sorry, okay? Why don’t you go to the kitchen and prepare that delicious yam porridge that I love so much.”, he said with a smirk and turned to leave.
I felt annoyance ripple through my body. Maybe it was because of the fact that he never thought I could leave him or the fact that I had lost my dignity and sanity to a man who didn’t deserve me in the first place. It was time to move on, even if it meant being by myself for the rest of myself. I rushed past him to the bedroom and threw all my things in the suitcase. I looked up and saw him there, looking at me with amusement in his eyes. He wasn’t even going to beg because he knew I had always been foolish when it came to him. I picked the case up and I felt my subconscious dusting the armour of dignity I had shoved aside before putting it on. I moved and he didn’t even try to stop me.
“You’re going to come back, baby”, he laughed!

I got into my car and cried. Cried for the years I had wasted with a man who saw me as useless without him. A man who used me as he wished because I allowed him. As I turned the ignition of my car, I shut that page of my life. No man would treat me as a “thing” anymore. Henceforth, I was going to command respect and wield my dignity everywhere I go as a weapon!!

NOTE: you don’t have to wait eight long years before you realiZe you have to get out of an abusive relationship. You deserve a man who would love you and treat you with respect. You don’t deserve a man who would beat you and use you at his will. Don’t be scared to end that relationship, you’ll always find a man who will adore you. Relationship is not a by force thingy. Don’t think because your friends will mock you or your parents will ridicule you if you are single, you should then stay in an abusive relationship. Be wise!!!

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She ran very fast, so fast that she could not feel her touch the firm soil. The thorns and sharp branches tore at her skin and blood flowed freely from the open cracks in her body. Sweat and blood mixed together making her already ragged clothes stick to her body like an unwanted layer of skin but she did not care. All she wanted was to run as fast her chubby legs could carry her at least to a place where she could hide till it was safe to return to her world. As she ran, she reached a place where the trees and shrubs formed a make-shift cave. She scouted around for intruders and saw that she was alone. That gladdened her heart so much that fell to the cool ground and her body sagged with sweet relief. The make-shift would be her haven till she could return back to her home. Home, she sighed. A place filled with all kinds of worldly riches any man could ever dream of. Her abode, filled with such endowments that it made the hearts of men quicken with jealousy, a home so many people would kill or die for. What she did not understand was how and why anyone would want her to give it up. She’d been told so many times and each time, she had run hard and fast away from the voice till it was safe to return.
She was lost in the thoughts of her sweet home and she did not notice someone sit beside her till she heard him speak.
“Why do you keep running away, Temitope?”
Startled, she turned around and saw a man dressed in a flowing white gown that shone so bright and his face glowed so brightly that she could not look at him. She shielded her eyes with her hands from the brightness that could only be compared to the sun’s.
“How did you know my name, how did you get here? Who are you?” She sputtered on sporadically, shaking with fear.
“I am the one that has sent you here. I am the One whose work you shall do”.
“What work?”
“My work. I’ve called you severally to join my chain of generals but you refuse. Don’t you want to be my warrior?”
“Warrior? I have a life and I’m comfortable with it. I don’t want to be a warrior. I love my life”.
“You call that a life? When work for me and with me, your life will be beautiful. Men will drool with envy at the glory in your life. All you have to do is accept”.
“I can’t accept it o. What will happen to my worldly riches? My world is sweet and nothing can take me away from my original home o”.
“That is not your home. The home I have prepared for you is better and you don’t have to toil anymore for my mercy and grace shall be upon you everyday of your life”.
“What kind of home is that? No home can be better than my current one. Filled with sweets and goodies. Maybe you should come nd see for yourself”.
“I know your current home. It is a shack compared to what I have planned for you. If you accept to do my work, you shall inherit my kingdom”.
“What kingdom is that and where is it?”
“It is a kingdom that I rule, a kingdom so beautiful no man can fathom. It is filled with milk and honey and therein, no sorrow can dwell. In this kingdom, there is abundance of peace and prosperity. Lack is a strange word that is never used there. A place where saints dwell”.
“Such a kingdom exist? Wooow. But I don’t even qualify to be in this kingdom”.
“How so?”
“I’m not a saint. I’m a sinner and you said only saints dwell in this kingdom”.
“All you have to do is accept to do my bidding and your sins shall be washed away and you shall become as white as snow”.
“You mean, all my sins can be forgiven and completely washed off?”
“All I have to do is accept, abi?
“Yes, accept my calling.. Be a warrior for me.”.
“And who exactly are you?”.
“I am He that has sent you here for a purpose. I am Eli, your God!!”

The bells rang so loud that she turned around to look for the source of the shrill voice threatening to deafen her. When her hand hit the alarm, her eyes flew open. She looked at her surroundings. The ragged sweat/blood soaked clothes were nowhere to be found and she was not in a make-shift cave, she was on her bed. What a dream, she thought as made to get down from her bed to go to the bathroom. As she got down, a paper dropped and she picked it. It read:
Temi felt a force that pushed her to her knees and her head bowed as a servant to a master. Everything around her went still and quiet, acknowledging the presence of their Creator. It was no ordinary dream, God had spoken to her and she could hear him speak again
“You are crown of splendor in My hand, a royal diadem in the hands of me, your Creator. You have been chosen as a vessel of honor unto me, an instrument of peace for my glory.”.
She felt a rush of tiny electric currents run through her body from her head to her toes. A power so overwhelming, tears flowed from her eyes. She knew she should be scared but she wasn’t rather, she was exhilarated.
“Let your will be done in my life.”, she heard herself say and then she heard angelic voices singing to welcome her into the folds of the holy!!

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to nations – Jeremiah 1 vs 5

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(Nnenna and the counselor had gone back to the couch and they were sipping at their juice while they talked).

Nnenna: (gleefully) e don tey wey I drink “menera” (referring to the juice). Aunty lovina no dey allow us take am.

Counselor: And why is that?

Nnenna: She say sugar too plenty for the “menera” and e no good for the body.

Counselor: (smiling) Not to worry, this is a natural fruit juice and it is healthy enough for you.

Nnenna: Aunty, you don start o. Wish wan be na na (trying to pronounce natural) nachola again?

Counselor: (smiling) it is na-tu-ral (pronouncing it emphatically for her)

Nnenna: (mimicking the counselor) na-tu-ral (clapping happily). Where you sabi all your girama from?

Counselor: From school.

Nnenna: but aunty lovina talk say sukul no be good place. Say na agbero dem dey go sukul (pronouncing school as sukul)

Counselor: Hmmmm, I see. When did your aunty lovina tell you this?

Nnenna: Last year. I ask am when she go take me go the sukul wey she tell my mama say I go dey go na im she talk say sukul no be better place.

Counselor: She told your mom she would take you to school?

Nnenna: Na wetin make my mama allow me follow aunty lovina to lagos be that. Mama want make me sef go school and be a big girl like aunty lovina.

Counselor: Why didn’t you tell your mom then when she refused to take you to school?

Nnenna: (suddenly sad) Nne’m die two days after I rish Lagos. I no even dey there when dem bury am. Aunty Lovina say e better as I dey Lagos, say I too young to see bad tin.

Counselor: I’m so sorry. Her illness must have been so fatal to have killed her.

Nnenna: (only grasping the “killed her”) Aunty Lovina say dibia of our fillage say na her time to die be dat. She say nobody get hand for her (trying to remember the exact word Lovina had used) deat (testing the word on her tongue), yes deat (deat as in death).

Counselor: the dibia? Why wasn’t she taken to the hospital?

Nnenna: (laughing despite the tense atmosphere in the office) No hosibita (hospital) for my fillage o and that dibia better pass all the hosibita wey dey lagos.

Counselor: (laughing too) Really? Your dibia is better than all the doctors in Lagos?

Nnenna: Yes na. My dibia dey consult God himsef to treat us. He sabi melecine (medicine) pass all these dem yeye pipu (people) wey dey lagos. Na only girama dem sabi for here.

Counselor: You’re funny, Nnenna. Your views on things are so hilarious. (Curiously) How old are you?

Nnenna: Chai, aunty. I be big girl o. (counting her fingers) I be fourteen now but by july, I go turn fiteen (fifteen).

Counselor: (shocked) What?!!

Nnenna: Wetin make you shout like that, aunty?

Counselor: You are so young, dear!!

Nnenna: (rolling her eyes) Haba, aunty. I no be small girl o, I be big girl.

Counselor: (smiling) Okay, okay. Big girl

Nnenna: Yes aunty, I be big girl (batting her lashes).

Counselor: But even a big girl should not be on the streets alone by herself especially selling your body for money.

Nnenna: Aunty Lovina tell me say na the only way wey I fit make money for this Lagos be that. She say when I do maso (mature) well well, she go do freedom for me make me sef dey gather girls from fillage.

Counselor: Wow! (The counselor was shocked. She had rescued so many girls from the streets and had enough stories to make a novel but this was almost unbelievable. Apart from the fact the so called aunty Lovina was using the young girl as her money making machine, she had also drummed the idea of passing the trade on like it was legal. She shook her head as she tried to imagine what Nnenna’s future would have if she had not met that night. She smiled at the thought of the new life she could give the girl; a life filled with education. Only if the girl would accept her offer).

Counselor: Nnenna dear, I have to take you home now. My husband and kids would be waiting for me at home.

Nnenna: Chai aunty, I no fit follow you go house?

Counselor: For now, you can’t. Don’t worry, go home. I would come and pick you at that same spot at the same time tomorrow, okay?

Nnenna: Okay, aunty. I go dey wait for you there.

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Deacon Olaiya dressed in a white kaftan; a regalia he had chosen as a disguise to look like one of the numerous afluential politicians that visited the sunlight strip club. He wasn’t the type that felt at ease in a traditional wear, he was more accustomed to the usual suit and tie he wore everyday even when the weather was hot. The deacon looked at himself at the mirror and smiled at his reflection. The kaftan suited him well even if he didn’t want to agree with that fact. He checked his wrist watch and noticed he was going to be late for the show. Yes, the show! It was the reason the deacon had dressed in an uncomfortable attire.
“Mummy Bola, I’ve left the house o”, he shouted by the entrance of the house. Not that the wife would notice since she was busy with a group of prayer warriors in the guest parlor as usual. He turned the ignition of the car on and zoomed out of the compound. He drove a bit faster than usual, he was actually eager to find out whether the rumours about sister anjola; the church’s choir mistress was true or not.
Since the traffic was light, deacon olaiya got to the club in a record time of thirty minutes. As he turned off the ignition, he did a quick scan of his environment and was almost starting the car again to go back home but he remembered the pastor would need answers during pastoral meeting the next day. He got down and moved stealthily towards the club, reciting the Lord’s prayer as he moved. The girls in skimpy clothes, exposing their body with such negligence made him recite Lord’s prayer more fervently like a lost soul. He entered the club and crossed himself immediately. What was the world turning into, he thought as he tried hard to divert his eyes from the almost nude waitresses and bartenders. The club was reeking with sin and he recited the “lead me not into temptation and deliver me from evil” part of the Lord’s prayer over and over again.
Once of the waiters directed to a posh single sofa very close to the stage obviously thinking he was one of the country’s looters with plenty cash to throw on dancing naked girls. He sighed heavily as he sat on the unbelievably comfortable chair, he was perplexed at the sight of young girls jutting out their private wares for everyone to gawk. The deacon was so lost in the thoughts of how things had gone bizarre all in the name of modern socialization that the husky voice of the DJ actually scared him a bit. The DJ had just welcomed on stage “The Sweet Nectar”. A nymph goddess trotted sexily to the stage in nothing but a tiny rope tied around her butt; a flimsy excuse of a pant and very transparent nude colored bra. To the horror of the deacon, it was the beloved choir mistress looking sinfully hot in six inch heels that made her legs looked longer and slimmer. The choir mistress had been hiding a wonderfully shaped body that could pass for a model’s underneath the shapeless big dresses she wore to church.
Deacon Olaiya mopped the beads of sweat that had started forming on his forehead with his handkerchief as Anjola started to work magic on the pole in the middle of the stage. She moved and twisted with a flexibility and smoothness that only befit a pro. Truly, Anjola was who they said she was; a whore at night.

Anjola saw Deacon Olaiya and her step almost faltered. How had the man known she worked at the club because he knew the man was a devoted servant of God and wasn’t the kind to visit a place like the sunlight club. Her mind raced as she thought of a solution. Though she loved dancing naked for strangers to watch, she wanted that part of her life to remain as secret as possible. To save her face and still keep her secret life from the public, she knew exactly what do. As she finished her dance, she blew a kiss and winked at the deacon. She had a plan for him that would not only make him shut his mouth but also come back for more.
The deacon’s hands shook as he was ushered into a dimly lit room. His fear went beyond words as two burly looking men had seized him as he made his way out of the club after confirming the ungodly rumour about their dear sister Anjola. Mo ma d’aran o, he thought to himself as he was left alone in the almost dark room. He took a moment to take in his environment. The room was bathed dully in a red glow and that make squint to see better. He saw a pole like that one on the stage and a very big bed with a cabinet by its. The cabinet was filled with strange looking instruments that made him shake in his seat. He bent his head and said a silent prayer.
Anjola almost laughed out loud as she saw the man’s head bent in prayer. Men of God sha, na wa, she thought to herself, not to worry you’ll be screaming my name soon.
“Deacon Olaiya, you know God doesn’t come to a place like this sha, she said smiling as she walked tauntily in front of him still wearing nothing but the thong and see through bra.
“Sister Anjola, why are you doing this. What pushed to this sinful life?”, the deacon looked so solemn like he was almost close to tears.
“Ahan, agbalagba like you. Shey you want to cry for me ni?”, she replied teasingly.
The deacon just shook his head as he was lost for words. Anjola sat on the deacon’s laps and started rubbing her hands over the man’s unbelievably smooth face.
“Deacon, deacon and this kaftan fits you gan o. It makes you look so young and very fuckable”.
“Anjola, the devil is a liar in your life. Let’s pray”, he said trying hard to push the girl off his laps. Anjola didn’t bulge. It was either to push him to a guilty spot to keep him quiet or be disgraced publicly at the sunday service. She began to bite the deacon’s ears softly while her hand roamed the man’s clothed freely. Seeing that the deacon had closed his eyes in a weak attempt to pray, Anjola unhooked her bra and used his hands to fondle her bosom.
“Olaiya, feel this. Don’t you want to suck it like a baby? I know your wife is starving you at home. See me as your sacrificial lamb. Fuck me till you have no strength in you again”, she whispered continuously in the man’s ears and she heard a very soft gasp as he fondled the breast without help from Anjola. Seeing that he was enjoying himself, Anjola stood and led the man to the bed.
“Anjola, this is the devil at work. Let me go, please”.
“Relax man. Here, neither God nor the devil is here”.
Before the deacon knew what was happening, she had gotten rid of his clothes while he protested feebly. She dropped her knees and sucked on the almost erect dick.
“Jeeeeeesssuuuusss, Angola. This is bad, reeeeaally baaad”.
“I know right, I’m a very bad girl”, she said as she batted her lashes at the poor writhing with emotions he could barely control. What the girl was doing to her was very inhuman, he had not witnessed something as such in his entire life. As he tethered on the edge of release, Anjola pushed him on the bed and straddled as she had gotten rid of her thong. She rode him fast and hard and the deacon could not believe how such a simple task as sex could be so wonderful. He had been a virgin till his wedding night as was his wife. Sex between the couple had been done out of duty than out of passion and even at that, his wife often neglected that part as a wife due to the many church duties she oversaw.
“Ahhhhhh. Anjola. Hmmmm. My God oooo”, the deacon moaned incoherently. He couldn’t just stop himself. She did things he never imagined he could experience.
Anjola screamed as she reached orgasm and immediately too, the deacon released too. It was the best orgasm of his life. Surprisingly, the deacon didn’t feel remorseful a bit. Rather, he felt better than he had in days like he’s been purged clean of some heavy weight. He was still reveling in his moment of ecstasy when he felt Anjola’s tongue on his manhood again and his little member was at alert again. Home was not even on his mind. All that he could think about was fucking “The Sweet Nectar” till she could not walk again and that was the punishment she deserved for giving him the forbidden fruit to eat and he knew he was hooked like a bee to the sweet nectar of the nymph goddess by night and holy choir mistress by the day.

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“GET OUT OF HERE” I shouted at Jama. He ran out of the gate immediately. I had no idea where to. I didn’t care. Anywhere except here would do. I was so embarrassed. How long had he been starring at us? To my uttermost disbelief, Vanessa started laughing. She hadn’t moved all along and her apple bum still shot out at me.
“Loosen up Lebron, at least we gave him a good. show.”
I just stared at her. I never pictured Vanessa to be this kind of a girl. In fact, I was scared of her. Scared that I couldn’t control her.
“Just get your ass in the house”, I told her.
She got off the hood of the car, her wet hair all over the place and headed into the house.
“Hey! My Ice-cream babe…”
I opened the car door, took out the Ice Cream bowl and followed her into the house.

Finally warmth, I sighed. I went into my room and met Vanessa on my bed staring at me with a grin. I paid her no attention, dropped the bowl and my keys on the dressing table, took off every piece of clothing and pulled a towel around my waist. I pretended not to notice Vanessa cringe as I took off my underwear. I went into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. Few minutes later, I was done. I got out of the shower and stepped into the room. Vanessa wasn’t on the bed anymore, but in her place were things I had only read about and seen on the internet. I saw sexual bondage tools. Wrist and ankle cuffs, ropes, tethers, a whip and blindfolds.
“Why do you look surprised?” I heard a voice say from behind me. Vanessa had taken the time to blow dry her hair. I just stared at her.
“This is how I want you.” Vanessa continued.
“Naahhhhh…. I aint doing any of this shit yo.” I countered.
“Common babe… Ok! Ok! I understand if you’re scared.”
I wasn’t thinking right. That female was playing with my intelligence.”Let’s do this.” I could see the wicked smile on her face already.
“Hold up! No whips ok?! Deal?!”
She looked disappointed for a second after weighing her options, she said
“Ok, Deal!”
I lay on the bed and she was on top of me immediately. She straddled me, kissed me and dragged my towel off. Her lips were all over me in a flash. Then she picked up one of the cuffs and started her evil deed. Before I knew it, I was bound to the bedposts, cuffed at the hands and ankles. It was then I realised how vulnerable I was. Here I was, at the mercy of a girl I hardly knew. She put the blindfold on me and few seconds later, I felt something cold touch my skin. I guessed it was the ice cream. Her lips soon followed. I wanted to touch her so bad. Alas, I couldn’t feel her anymore. I heard her walk out of the room.
“Vanessa… Nessa!” I called out.
No response. Just as I was about to enter panic mode, I heard footsteps coming back into the room.
“Heyy!!! Don’t run off like that on me, yo and take this fucking blindfold off”.
I felt her come around the bed and leaned close to my ear… That smell… That wasn’t Vanessa…
“Oga, you wan make I commot am?”
My heart was in my mouth. What was Jama doing in my bedroom? I heard cackles of laughter from wo different voices. Jama was laughing, so was Vanessa. What the fuck was happening? Jama ripped the blindfold off, almost yanking off some skin with it.
“You see.. ‘Oga’, I’m not who you think I am.” He said with an excellent diction. “I’ve been working here for how long now? 2 months? Less than that, I guess. You see, Nessa and I, this is how we have fun”.
I turned to the other side of the room and saw her. She had changed to a tank top and a mini skirt. She walked over to him and he lifted her swiftly. This wasn’t the meek, loyal Jama I knew. He put her against the wall, and before I knew it, my gate man was fucking my P against the wall. I laid tied to the bed helpless. Vanessa was so loud,I was hoping the neighbours would not hear her. A few minutes later they both lay spent on the floor. Jama got up and went outside…
“Vanessa please….” I said almost in tears.
“Awww pussy boy. Shame you havta die though. You fuck good.” ……
Wait! Die?! What the fuck was she talking about and on cue as if he could read my thoughts, I saw Jama enter with a keg. I knew that keg. I had used it to buy petrol…. Oh shit! Jama began pouring the petrol all over the room, not touching the bed on which I was lying naked.
“Please.. Jama I’d never put you in harms way, don’t do this…”.
“Sorry man, nothing personal. That’s just how we roll.”
I laid there helpless. Tears began to roll down my cheeks.
“Go to the car” he said to Vanessa. He lit a cigarette, took a long drag and stood by the door of the bedroom.
“See you in Hell”, he said with a smirk on his face… he threw the cigarette in the air….

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Eldorado’s was a female gay club strictly for the elites. Not just anyone knew about the club or visited the club. You had to belong to the upper echelon of business organizations, top politicians, heiresses to multi-billion properties and the list went on and on. They believed that only those kind of people could protect the rights to the existence of the club and besides, only those kind of people could easily afford the membership fee of a hundred and fifty thousand naira (150,000) and it’s renewal fee of fifty thousand naira (50,000) monthly. It was opened twenty four hours everyday.
At eldorado’s, there were no restrictions against time and day and that was the most important reason Kehinde Peters loved to go to the bar to relax. She could decide to go anytime without having to worry about it being closed and that was the reason Kenny was hurtling her 2012 lamborghini aventador LP700-4 through the streets of Lagos. She was so eager to be in the midst of people like herself. She knew the society was not in support of gay people but she didn’t care. She despised men and loved enjoying carnal intimacy with females. She heaved a sigh of relief as she saw the neon sign of Eldorado’s and she felt her calmness being restored as she maneuvered her powerful automobile into her private car space at the club.
Tumise tried for the umpteenth time to reach kenny but to no avail. He was a tad frustrated, he needed to speak with the ambassador about the threat call but his network provider was not cooperating with him. “It is high time I changed this sim to a better to network but which network good for this naija sef”, he thought to himself, a bit irritated. He needed to get across to her as soon as possible but with the network acting up, he just might have to postpone it to a later date. Not that he could not handle the issue by himself but he believed in always talking with his clients about threats. For one, they might know who and why they might threatening a case and for another, their lives might be in equal danger. The first was important but the latter was more important. Kehinde deserved to live and not die like her sister did. Not wanting to put a hold on the information any longer, he sent a text message to her with the hope that she would receive it and call him back.
She tugged at the little dress she had purchased specifically for that purpose. It was a skimpy silky excuse of a gown and was very uncomfortable but she had to look like the part of a spoilt heiress she was going to pretend to be. She combed her hair with her fingers and closed her eyes to calm her jittering nerves. To attain her goal, she had to be calm. Feeling a little calmer, she moved into the crowded club with the elegance she’d been working on for the past weeks.
“Oh my God”, was all Kenny could mutter to herself as she saw the drop dead gorgeous lady that just walked into the club. She was petite but very curvy with bust that were almost spilling out of the red mini strapless dress she wore. Her black four-inch heels made her hips sway in such way that made Kenny itch to just rub her hands all over. She saw the girl looked around the club like a lost puppy and she made a move towards the girl to rescue the puppy and also her trap her into going home with her.
She got to her side and saw the girl smile shyly at her. She loved shy girls, they were very cool to get along with.
“Hi, sweet thing”
“Hey”, she replied shyly.
“This is your first time here, I guess”
“Yes. How did you know that?”
“You’re too hot to be forgotten in a jiffy plus you looked lost”.
“Thanks for the compliment and yeah, I felt a little bit lost”.
“Not to worry, I’ll be glad to be your club buddy for tonight”, Kenny said with a wink.
“Oh, thank you so much. I will really appreciate that”, the lady replied, flashing her with a smile bright enough to lit the whole of Nigeria.
“Okay then, let’s go get a drink. By the way, my name is Kenny.
“Alright. Just call me B. I’m more accustomed to that.
“Hmmmm. B for beautiful. It suits you, I must say.
“Thank you, again. You’re making me blush”
They made their way to the crowded bar, chatting easily like long lost friends.
“This is going to be a piece of cake”, kenny thought to herself.
B smiled to herself smugly. It was so easy to get the attention of the ambassador. The red dress was worth every penny squandered on it. She rose her glass as Kenny made a toast to their new found friendship except she toasted to the success of her operation in her mind. Like a cankerworm, she was going to warm her way into her heart, suck off the information she needed and destroy her afterwards.