“Kehinde, listen to me now. I’m still your mother no matter how accomplished you might be”
“Mum, it’s too late to go back on my decision. Moreover, I already employed the investigator to do the work”
“Ehn, Adunni, iro n lo pa. You can’t be saying the truth”.
Kehinde felt so angry with herself for coming to tell her mum about her plans to search for her twin’s killers. She knew her mother would not support the notion wholeheartedly but her reaction was unbelievable.
“Adunni, Kehinde mi, look at me and tell me that’s a huge joke”.
“Mum, I’m not joking. I hired Inspector Tumise Badmus yesterday and the deal’s been sealed. Nothing I can do”, Kenny snapped, obviously irritated with her mom’s reaction
“Please, for God’s sake, for the sake of Taiwo, let sleeping dogs lie”, she said in between sobs
“I just came to tell you. It’s a done deal”, she said as she picked up her purse, “and don’t tell your husband”. With that, she left the house with her mother looking on with tears in her eyes. Chief Mrs. Peters allowed the tears to fall. She was mourning the death of a child and another trying to get herself killed. She felt helpless and confused. “Only God will deliver me ooo”, she said as she went back to her room, still crying.
Kehinde paced about in her room, the cup of coffee in her hand already cold. The knowledge of her mother’s disapproval had galled her so much that she could do nothing but move around her room angrily. She wanted her mother to support her decision so badly that it hurt when she tried to talk her out of it. She had thought her mother would be excited to hear that judgement would be served soon for the unfair murder of her child but she had thought wrong. Exasperated beyond endurance, she smashed the cup in her hand on the floor sending shards of ceramic and liquid flying everywhere. She wasn’t even aware of the mess she’d created, she just wanted to break more things.
Five minutes later, four bottles of her signature perfume had joined the mug and coffee on the floor, she felt almost calm but almost never cut it for Kenny. She was going to calm herself the best way she knew how. Dressed in a pretty little black dress and killer heels some minutes later, she instructed the maid to have her room cleaned and she headed out to Eldorado’s, an underground female gay club in the heart of Surulere, Lagos.
Tumise Badmus was enthralled with the documents Honorable Kehinde Peters had given him. He was shocked at all the incriminating information they carried that his alarms bell went off. It was indeed a dangerous case and he needed to be careful. Now he understood the reason behind the cash gift, some sort of compensation if he lost anything and as a man devoted to his work, he was going to loose so many things. He was prepared to go to any length to see that the right justice would be served for the murder of Taiwo Peters. He was still so engrossed with the documents when the vibration of his phone interrupted his concentration. A strange number was calling, perhaps it was the ambassador calling to find out how far he had gone with the work.
“Hello Ma”
“Hello, Detective Inspector Badmus, I presume”.
It was not the delicately soft voice of the beautiful young politician but a male’s baritone voice with huskiness induced by inhalation of excess nicotine.
“Who is this?”
“It is indeed you, the so much praised policeman”, the strange voice replied with a hint of humour.
“Listen to me….”. He had not even started the sentence before the rough voice cut him off.
“No, you listen to me young man. You’re going to tread on dangerous grounds if you don’t break off that deal you made with Ms. Kehinde Peters”.
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about, mister”. Anger and disbelief were etched visibly on his face. The news had gotten around so quick that he was working with the ambassador. He knew news moved quickly in the underworld but in forty-eight hours; it was almost unbelievable.
“Look, Mr inspector, don’t let us play smart or should I say dumb. If you cherish your life and that of your family, you would back out of that deal. Be a smart man, do as you’ve been told, or else….”. The “or else” hung in the air like a death sentence as the call ended. Tumise had enough experience to know that not just any case was threatened. He had no doubt in his mind that Kehinde Peters was right. More than ever, he had a deep conviction within him to do everything in his power to see justice served. Nothing was going to deter his determination, not even a threat to his life and his family’s….

Episode Four comes up next friday……..

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