(The counselor is seen pouring fruit juice from a jug she had taken out of her fridge. She looked like she was trying to put her emotions together after what the young girl; nnenna had just shared with her. The girl’s tiny soft voice jarred her back to reality).

Nnenna:(on her feet with her sling bag already thrown over her shoulder in a messenger style) Aunty if u no wan follow me talk again, make I dey go. I don dey in trouble for following you come here.

Counselor: (coming towards her with the glasses of juice) No sweetheart, I still want to talk with you. Please sit down.

(Nnenna looked at her with disdain in her eyes. She needed to get back to the street and get aunty lovina her usual “daily drop” but something she couldn’t pinpoint about the counselor impelled nnenna to stay back at the counselor’s office)

Nnenna: but aunty, you go do quick o because I neva make any money today and aunty lovina go kill me if I no bring money come house.

Counselor: don’t worry dear, I’ll give you some money to give your aunty lovina (passing a glass of juice to her).

Nnenna: (raising her brows suspiciously) This wan wey you dey “feri” nice, hope say you no be one of them people wey dey tiff person pikin?

Counselor: (laughing) Please, I’m not. I just love to help teenagers like you.

Nnenna: Na the same thing aunty lovina tell my mama when she come village be that.

Counselor: Oh really? Tell me about your mother and your village.

Nnenna: (grinning) My village na small one but e better pass Lagos. Me and my mama dey always go farm together. I like to dey farm o, chai. (Suddenly sad) But we no go farm again when mama sick.

Counselor: what of your father?

Nnenna: (still sad) mama say my papa don die since when I dey her belle. She say na snake bite kill am.

Counselor: (moving closer to her) I’m so sorry dear. What of your mother now?

Nnenna: (crying now) aunty, why u dey remember me all the bad bad sometin wey don happen for my life, ehn? Why you no ask me anada question?

Counselor: (remorseful) I’m so sorry. I never knew something bad had happened to your mother too. If you don’t want to talk about it, no problem. Drink your juice. I’ll take you home afterwards.

Nnenna: thank you aunty but I no wan drink anything. I go go back where you take me come here.

Counselor: Seriously, I’ll take you home and give you the money you aunty requires of you.

Nnenna: (wiping off tears) Thank you aunty, I dey happy say I no go work this night. Why you dey “feri” nice? Aunty lovina no nice at all.

Counselor: (smiling sweetly) Because I love to help beautiful young girls like you.

Nnenna: (stopping in her tracks) “bitifu”? You say I “bitifu”? (smiling shyly)

Counselor: (still smiling) Yes my dear, you are beautiful.

Nnenna: (grinning) E na eme ka isi m gbawa, nne!

Counselor: (confused but amused) what does that mean?

Nnenna: (laughing) I don forget say na only girama you sabi. I talk say you dey make my head “swe”

Counselor: (laughing too) you’re funny. Let’s start going to your aunt’s place, okay.

Nnenna: No, aunty. I like you and I no wan go aunty lovina place now. If you comot, she go still send me back go that place.

Counselor: Are you sure dear?

Nnenna: Aunty, I dey “feri” sure. Make we go “siddon”, make I tell you about my mama and the village.

NNENNA will come up on wednesdays and thursdays!!


4 thoughts on “NNENNA!”

  1. Alice e na eme isi gbaka, ur busting my brain. This piece is really vivid nd intricately concise, forget the big grammar but this is awesome nice one babes I love this. #oshe. Can’t wait for the next one.

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