“Baby please gimme tonight…… I’m going crazy. tonight… eyyy lemme be yo maga tonight…”
I pushed the power button on the car stereo, I was tired of those radio stations playing the same songs, over and over again. I braked to a stop at the command of the traffic light with three cars ahead of me. Today’s journey wasn’t as long as usual, seemed like most lagosians decided to stay indoors. I was already used to spending long hours in traffic, I had to. I lived in Ikeja and worked at Pan Ocean Oil, Victoria Island. So every time I was on the road, traffic never favoured me.

The traffic light turned green and a few seconds later, I turned into Maryland and breathed a sigh of relief as I could already smell the comfort of my home. I felt my phone vibrate and I pushed the green button on my hands free.

“Hey baby… I’m borrreeed, where are you?” came the unmistakable voice of Vanessa.
Her voice always sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t explain why, but I was addicted to it.
“ohhh yeah?… I just turned into maryland, I’m almost home.” I answered.

“Ok then…” she said sounding more excited.
“Hey hey, hope you didn’t forget the Ice cream?” She asked.
“How could I? Strawberry! just as the doctor ordered. I’ll see you in a bit V.” I hung up before she could protest me calling her V. Haha! She hated it.

I had met Vanessa on the social network “Twitter” a few months back, and I really did not know how I convinced her to spend the weekend at my place. I left for the office that morning hoping she’d come over like she promised and dropped my keys with Jama, the gateman telling him one yarinya was going to be coming over.

I turned into my estate and pulled my tie loose off my neck. I hated having to wear a tie to work and I was so used to it now, that I even forget I was wearing one.

I honked 3 times before Ali rushed to open the gate. I parked my Rav4 beside my sports car. Boy, was I proud of both cars. Put together, they had cost me 15 million naira.
“Oga welcome”
“Ali how far?”
“Oga, that yanrinya don dey inside ooo…. See as she fine mana…. Chei! Oga you just get fine fine yarinya plenty, I wan be like you o.”
“Hahaha! Idiot! Come, I need recharge card, help me get down the road. Lock the gate from outside”.
I gave him a thousand naira and just as he locked the gate, I saw her. Standing there in my over-sized tee with one hand on her waist, was Vanessa.

I couldn’t say a word. Although I had seen pictures, it didn’t prepare me for the sight that I beheld. That girl was beautiful. Her eyes…. no words to describe them. A strong wind blew at that moment, and her hair was all over her face. Didn’t know how, but I could see her curves beneath the oversized T shirt. I just stood by the car door staring at this 5’2 work of art.
“errr you’ve never seen a girl in your tee?” She asked sarcastically.
“You’re short.” was all I could say as she walked towards me.
“Ok Lebron, where’s my ice cream?”
“Hahaha…. Its in the car.”

All of a sudden, several raindrops started pouring. I quickly jumped into the car. Vanessa did not. I wondered why and saw her spinning in the rain. “Seriously?!” I thought…
“Get your ass in the car” I shouted.
“Scared of the rain? Pussy boy.
” Me?! Pussy boy?!
I took off my shoes and got out of the car. The rain was getting heavier….
“Your hair’s gonna get wet”….
“You’ll pay for a new one babe”.
I just stood there looking like a fool. The tee was wet and clinging to her skin. I could see her nipples through the tee.

“You know something, I’ve never fucked in the rain. I’d always wanted to though.”
I didn’t understand what I was hearing. I had been trying to convince this girl to meet me for months to no avail, now she wanted to fuck at first sight?
“Are you just gonna stand there?”
I moved towards her and lifted her from below her bum. She locked her legs around me and whispered in my ear….
“Slay me, pussy boy. I hear they call you the slayer. Punish me slayer, I’ve been a really bad girl”.
The combination of those words and the rain pouring down on us was too much for me. I laid her on the hood of my sports car and ripped the tee to reveal her perky B cups so full of glory. She laughed and pulled my tie. The laughter only angered me. Why the fuck was she laughing? She pulled out a condom from the waist band of her flimsy excuse of clothing she called a thong. I ripped it open, unzipped my trousers, pulled out my weapon and armed it within 5 seconds. She laughed harder at me. Desperation and the rain became heavier. I slid her thongs to the side and
shoved every inch of me inside her. Breathe was far from her for a moment. I smiled as all the laughter died. Her face was in shock. I pulled out slowly. Halfway out of her haven, I went deep into her again. She grabbed my tie… It tightened around my neck just as her vagina did the same exact thing around my dick. She pushed me off and turned around. Her ass facing me and her hands on the hood. She didn’t need to say anything, I entered her and took steady deep strokes as she matched my rhythm. I pulled her hair and she moaned loud.
“Yes…. I looo…ove that. I love wha…t you..re doing toooo me. I’m your bitch tonight boy”.
I just kept fucking her. I was determined to teach her a lesson. Badman ain’t no pussy boy. I felt her pussy tighten. She bounced her ass faster on my dick. I knew she was cumming. I knew if not for the rain, the whole estate would hear her.
“I’m cuuuuummm..iiingg” she managed to say in between strong moans.
I slapped her ass and I felt my balls tingle. I was about to explode inside her…. Vanessa’s moans were as loud as a train’s horn. We came simultaneously… panting like we just finished the London Marathon…..

“Dambuuuurooouuba shegeee neee…. Kaiii ogaaaa don blind me o…..” There was Jama, recharge card in hand, standing close to the gate, looking at Vanessa and I half naked on the hood of my sports car. On cue, the rain came to a stop.
**********To Be Continued**************

By Slaayar (Mr. Slayer)
engage on twitter @slaayar


15 thoughts on “V for VANESSA (PART 1)”

  1. Yo! I’m back! I’m coming to pick ma 370Z yo! And there better be no scratch on ma sports car… (Y) Nice plot… Lol!

  2. Bambo I dey suspect u. Cos ma lambo get marks nd na u nd dat geh dey outsyd dat day b4 rain start u con enta house 2hrs later.

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