Eldorado’s was a female gay club strictly for the elites. Not just anyone knew about the club or visited the club. You had to belong to the upper echelon of business organizations, top politicians, heiresses to multi-billion properties and the list went on and on. They believed that only those kind of people could protect the rights to the existence of the club and besides, only those kind of people could easily afford the membership fee of a hundred and fifty thousand naira (150,000) and it’s renewal fee of fifty thousand naira (50,000) monthly. It was opened twenty four hours everyday.
At eldorado’s, there were no restrictions against time and day and that was the most important reason Kehinde Peters loved to go to the bar to relax. She could decide to go anytime without having to worry about it being closed and that was the reason Kenny was hurtling her 2012 lamborghini aventador LP700-4 through the streets of Lagos. She was so eager to be in the midst of people like herself. She knew the society was not in support of gay people but she didn’t care. She despised men and loved enjoying carnal intimacy with females. She heaved a sigh of relief as she saw the neon sign of Eldorado’s and she felt her calmness being restored as she maneuvered her powerful automobile into her private car space at the club.
Tumise tried for the umpteenth time to reach kenny but to no avail. He was a tad frustrated, he needed to speak with the ambassador about the threat call but his network provider was not cooperating with him. “It is high time I changed this sim to a better to network but which network good for this naija sef”, he thought to himself, a bit irritated. He needed to get across to her as soon as possible but with the network acting up, he just might have to postpone it to a later date. Not that he could not handle the issue by himself but he believed in always talking with his clients about threats. For one, they might know who and why they might threatening a case and for another, their lives might be in equal danger. The first was important but the latter was more important. Kehinde deserved to live and not die like her sister did. Not wanting to put a hold on the information any longer, he sent a text message to her with the hope that she would receive it and call him back.
She tugged at the little dress she had purchased specifically for that purpose. It was a skimpy silky excuse of a gown and was very uncomfortable but she had to look like the part of a spoilt heiress she was going to pretend to be. She combed her hair with her fingers and closed her eyes to calm her jittering nerves. To attain her goal, she had to be calm. Feeling a little calmer, she moved into the crowded club with the elegance she’d been working on for the past weeks.
“Oh my God”, was all Kenny could mutter to herself as she saw the drop dead gorgeous lady that just walked into the club. She was petite but very curvy with bust that were almost spilling out of the red mini strapless dress she wore. Her black four-inch heels made her hips sway in such way that made Kenny itch to just rub her hands all over. She saw the girl looked around the club like a lost puppy and she made a move towards the girl to rescue the puppy and also her trap her into going home with her.
She got to her side and saw the girl smile shyly at her. She loved shy girls, they were very cool to get along with.
“Hi, sweet thing”
“Hey”, she replied shyly.
“This is your first time here, I guess”
“Yes. How did you know that?”
“You’re too hot to be forgotten in a jiffy plus you looked lost”.
“Thanks for the compliment and yeah, I felt a little bit lost”.
“Not to worry, I’ll be glad to be your club buddy for tonight”, Kenny said with a wink.
“Oh, thank you so much. I will really appreciate that”, the lady replied, flashing her with a smile bright enough to lit the whole of Nigeria.
“Okay then, let’s go get a drink. By the way, my name is Kenny.
“Alright. Just call me B. I’m more accustomed to that.
“Hmmmm. B for beautiful. It suits you, I must say.
“Thank you, again. You’re making me blush”
They made their way to the crowded bar, chatting easily like long lost friends.
“This is going to be a piece of cake”, kenny thought to herself.
B smiled to herself smugly. It was so easy to get the attention of the ambassador. The red dress was worth every penny squandered on it. She rose her glass as Kenny made a toast to their new found friendship except she toasted to the success of her operation in her mind. Like a cankerworm, she was going to warm her way into her heart, suck off the information she needed and destroy her afterwards.


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