“GET OUT OF HERE” I shouted at Jama. He ran out of the gate immediately. I had no idea where to. I didn’t care. Anywhere except here would do. I was so embarrassed. How long had he been starring at us? To my uttermost disbelief, Vanessa started laughing. She hadn’t moved all along and her apple bum still shot out at me.
“Loosen up Lebron, at least we gave him a good. show.”
I just stared at her. I never pictured Vanessa to be this kind of a girl. In fact, I was scared of her. Scared that I couldn’t control her.
“Just get your ass in the house”, I told her.
She got off the hood of the car, her wet hair all over the place and headed into the house.
“Hey! My Ice-cream babe…”
I opened the car door, took out the Ice Cream bowl and followed her into the house.

Finally warmth, I sighed. I went into my room and met Vanessa on my bed staring at me with a grin. I paid her no attention, dropped the bowl and my keys on the dressing table, took off every piece of clothing and pulled a towel around my waist. I pretended not to notice Vanessa cringe as I took off my underwear. I went into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. Few minutes later, I was done. I got out of the shower and stepped into the room. Vanessa wasn’t on the bed anymore, but in her place were things I had only read about and seen on the internet. I saw sexual bondage tools. Wrist and ankle cuffs, ropes, tethers, a whip and blindfolds.
“Why do you look surprised?” I heard a voice say from behind me. Vanessa had taken the time to blow dry her hair. I just stared at her.
“This is how I want you.” Vanessa continued.
“Naahhhhh…. I aint doing any of this shit yo.” I countered.
“Common babe… Ok! Ok! I understand if you’re scared.”
I wasn’t thinking right. That female was playing with my intelligence.”Let’s do this.” I could see the wicked smile on her face already.
“Hold up! No whips ok?! Deal?!”
She looked disappointed for a second after weighing her options, she said
“Ok, Deal!”
I lay on the bed and she was on top of me immediately. She straddled me, kissed me and dragged my towel off. Her lips were all over me in a flash. Then she picked up one of the cuffs and started her evil deed. Before I knew it, I was bound to the bedposts, cuffed at the hands and ankles. It was then I realised how vulnerable I was. Here I was, at the mercy of a girl I hardly knew. She put the blindfold on me and few seconds later, I felt something cold touch my skin. I guessed it was the ice cream. Her lips soon followed. I wanted to touch her so bad. Alas, I couldn’t feel her anymore. I heard her walk out of the room.
“Vanessa… Nessa!” I called out.
No response. Just as I was about to enter panic mode, I heard footsteps coming back into the room.
“Heyy!!! Don’t run off like that on me, yo and take this fucking blindfold off”.
I felt her come around the bed and leaned close to my ear… That smell… That wasn’t Vanessa…
“Oga, you wan make I commot am?”
My heart was in my mouth. What was Jama doing in my bedroom? I heard cackles of laughter from wo different voices. Jama was laughing, so was Vanessa. What the fuck was happening? Jama ripped the blindfold off, almost yanking off some skin with it.
“You see.. ‘Oga’, I’m not who you think I am.” He said with an excellent diction. “I’ve been working here for how long now? 2 months? Less than that, I guess. You see, Nessa and I, this is how we have fun”.
I turned to the other side of the room and saw her. She had changed to a tank top and a mini skirt. She walked over to him and he lifted her swiftly. This wasn’t the meek, loyal Jama I knew. He put her against the wall, and before I knew it, my gate man was fucking my P against the wall. I laid tied to the bed helpless. Vanessa was so loud,I was hoping the neighbours would not hear her. A few minutes later they both lay spent on the floor. Jama got up and went outside…
“Vanessa please….” I said almost in tears.
“Awww pussy boy. Shame you havta die though. You fuck good.” ……
Wait! Die?! What the fuck was she talking about and on cue as if he could read my thoughts, I saw Jama enter with a keg. I knew that keg. I had used it to buy petrol…. Oh shit! Jama began pouring the petrol all over the room, not touching the bed on which I was lying naked.
“Please.. Jama I’d never put you in harms way, don’t do this…”.
“Sorry man, nothing personal. That’s just how we roll.”
I laid there helpless. Tears began to roll down my cheeks.
“Go to the car” he said to Vanessa. He lit a cigarette, took a long drag and stood by the door of the bedroom.
“See you in Hell”, he said with a smirk on his face… he threw the cigarette in the air….

Part Three comes up next thursday!

By MR. Slayer (Slayaar)
Engage on twitter @slayaar

Note: I’m sorry for not posting the scene III of Nnenna yesterday. It was due to some circumstances beyond my control. I promise to post it today will a little something by the side too 😉 . Thank you so much for visiting this blog!!!


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