by theinkheart

The fear in your eyes, evident for all to see
There are so many things you want to say
Timidity and fear holds you captive
And you’re afraid to let it out for the world to hear
You’ve spent a lifetime in silence
So afraid to say something wrong
You’ve got the words to change the nations
You’re stuck, allowing yourself to bind your tongue

You have the biggest heart I know but you’re afraid to love
It’s the fear to be hurt and it’s pushing you to a hole
The brightness in your eyes gradually dimming
You’ve made yourself believe you can never be good for anyone
And so you’ve embraced loneliness and shut your heart to love
The once big heart is now a cold empty space

Let’s break all grounds together and start a new journey
If you can’t find your voice, I will lend you mine
Together we will sing you song for the world to hear
We will chase your demons while holding hands
Don’t be afraid, I will always be there with you
I know we’re different but that’s good
In your weakness, I will be strong for you

So, let’s sing a version of the events in our lives
A song to tell the world of the new grounds we’re breaking
A song that will speak of different people finding a common interest
We’ll put it all over the radio and let people learn our song
We’ll put it all over the papers where they can read about it
I’m not afraid to let it all out, so let’s do this
With me by your side, you’ll change the world with your voice