She sighed heavily as she lowered her hands to her laps. How long she had been staring at the heavy rock that sat on the most beautiful band of platinum in the middle of her left finger, she could not say. These days, she found herself enchanted by the ring in a sad way and the stupid thing won’t stop shining as if it was the brightest thing in her world. It was supposed to be though. At least, there was a time her smile matched the brightness of the diamond rock. She would giggle sometimes and thank her stars for not only being engaged to the best man in the world but also having a superb ring to show for it. The unshed tears that shimmered in her eyes now were all that matched the luminosity of the ring.

Then, her friends were sick of hearing the story of how romantic the proposal was, how sweet her husband-to be was and how expensive the ring was. Some of them were jealous of the whole thing and stopped talking to her. Some told her to keep the thing to herself as no one could be trusted. She got mad at those ones and they drifted apart. Some bestowed her with open appraisal and won her love while others were indifferent to it. She wished she had followed the advice of her friends that told her to keep things to herself. Maybe her loud mouth caused her bad luck.

She sighed again as regrets and sadness filled the gaping hole in her heart afresh. It was a wonder how she still managed to stand her friends’ teasing her.
“Steph, this your ring just dey fine every time o but wey that your golden bobo sef?”
“Hmmm, this our husband no wan come carry you away abi? We want to see how elaborate the wedding will be”
“Steph, I can’t wait to see your wedding ring. I know it will be a black diamond”
“Ermm, stephanie?” “Yes, dear” “When is the wedding na? Abi you don’t want us to come and eat with you guys ni, ehn?”
She had even caught some sneering at her. She didn’t blame them though. Abi, how could she blame them when she had made them feel as if they could not do better?

She brought the hand back to her face and pulled out the ring. She stared at it for a while before placing it on the small stool beside her. Freedom, her subconscious screamed, waving her fingers and doing a little dance. Her subconscious was excited but she wasn’t. She had held on to a ring from a man she had not heard from in a long while; almost too long. Her parents had told her to move on and find another man to take his place. Her siblings had advised her to ditch the ring and put herself out in the single market. The taunting from her friends should have been enough to make her end the one-sided engagement. One-sided; exactly how it felt. Her fiancee had travelled almost immediately after he proposed to her. Few months and some weeks after he got to the white man’s land, the communication had seized. All efforts to reconnect back with the king of her heart had proved futile.

Staring at the darkened flesh on her middle finger, she heaved another loud sigh and allow the tears she had harboured for too long to fall. She cried for holding on to something that wasn’t going happen. Out of hope or out of love, she was not sure why held on for so long. She cried for the time wasted and shattered heart. Four years, four long years, damn it. It’s been far too long. But she was ready, ready to give up on her ghost engagement and start all over again. Hard it will be but she was as ready as a soldier for a battle.

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9 thoughts on “WASTED…”

  1. My sis pulled out her ring once and it was darker than the other parts of her finger. I asked why it is not lighter, she said something about wearing it every time for a long period of time.
    Thank you very much sir…… Your comments are always very much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Lovely story! It’s true….it should be lighter than the other parts of the body no matter what.

  2. ‘The unshed tears that shimmered in her eyes now were all that matched the luminosity of the ring.’
    I love that line.
    One thing though, the part where she stared at the ‘darkened flesh’ on her finger, I’m presuming that flesh is the part covered by the ring, right?
    If that’s so, then it shouldn’t be darkened. It should be lightened. Any piece of the human flesh covered from the touch of the sun gets a lighter complexion, not a darker one.
    All in all, beautiful story.

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