DISCLAIMER: this is strictly as a result of my imaginations. At no point in time have I ever encountered any boko haram member or a terrorist. This is strictly fiction triggered by the high number of deaths and abductions recorded just this year alone. This piece was born by thinking of what could be going on in the minds of these people. My name is Dako Alice Temitope and I AM NOT A TERRORIST!!!
Oya read, share and comment.

I stand by watching with amazement as he works on the bombs. He is so good putting these things together that I always wish to be like him when I’m done with my apprenticeship. There is nothing more I want to be than to build bombs and help in destroying these people that do not understand what our religion is all about. It is so pitiful that almost everyone sees us as bad people, almost too sad. If only they can see how our fights about making right all the religious wrongs western education has made is so worthy and noble, we will not even have to do half of what we are doing now. People are so stubborn, they do not want to hear us at all and we have a lot to say.

A lot to say about the way pornography is taking people away from God, how people don’t even fancy the good old holy book, instead they download it from the internet, the same place the terrible videos came; such insolence. We want to tell them how western education is taking us far from God and not taking us closer to him but no they will not listen, they are more concerned about sending their children to school to learn the sinful ways of the white man. Do they not understand that these children are supposed to be taught only the things of Allah, our creator? How many of these people pray once a day much less the five time that we are supposed to pray to our creator?

You don’t see what we see yet you call us hypocrites. You call us an embarrassment to Islam when we are only doing God’s work. You see those many people will kill and abduct are to the glory of Allah. Instead of living their lives in accordance with the standards set by the devilish education introduced to us by the westerners, we kill them. That way, they do not have to insult the God who created them. I know most people find these things hard but it is true. We are innocent people fighting for the just of all good things including our creator. It is bad that everyone wants to fight us and clean us off this earth but that is not even working. We’ve grown stronger and stronger and we won’t stop until justice is attained. We are ready to sacrifice ourselves for what we believe in and I believe in this cause.

He was more than ready. The bomb was well hidden in the long flowing jalamia he was wearing and all he just had to do was wait for a phone call and everything will be over. He looked around and the large number of people walking about trying to sell or buy something at the big market made him smile. He had been lucky such a big assignment. All night, he had gone through his mental notes of dos’ and don’ts’ and had woken up early to pray. To pray for the forgiveness of his soul, to pray for the forgiveness of the many souls wandering in the world without the true understand of what being a muslim is and he prayed that others left in the world would go back to their senses soon. His phone vibrated in his hands and he quickly pressed the green button. He listened for a little while before ending the call. He moved close to a man selling black market petrol and then said a little prayer before pressing the red button on a very tiny remote control. The bomb on his chest exploded with body parts flying in all directions. At the same time, two other bombs exploded at the entrances to the market. Aided by the fuel, the fire went viral and no one escaped it.
All the 100+ people died in the fire before rescue teams showed up. Bodies were piled over themselves at the back of a truck and blood was everywhere. Body parts strewn everywhere and intestines were roasted till the became black. Some of the bodies looked like charcoal heaped together. It was so traumatic that members of the rescue team kept rushing out the place to throw up. Some even fainted while others held their heads in their hands wondering when it will all be over. No one said anything, they worked in silence, trying to understand the reason behind the madness.

Meanwhile, in a far away underground place unknown to all except to people who worked closely with the leader of the group, there were loud chants of celebration; celebrating another successful attack. Minutes later, they were planning another one.


8 thoughts on “THEIR BLOOD; OUR SANITY”

  1. my name is kahn and m not a terrorist!!!! Ayam begining to suspect you oooo… I like the picture am seeing wth this story

  2. You peppered this with too much ‘God’. And too little ‘Allah’. That’s a Christian thinking. Even though its fiction and you’re clearly not of Islam, you’ve gotta try to make us buy into the Muslim point of view you’re creating.
    I like the story though. I like the effort to tell it as a terrorist would. Nice work.

    1. Oversimplified sir? I’m not a terrorist and can only write as far as my imagination will take and not overdo it before “they” wee comaan carry me away. Thank you very much for reading through πŸ™‚

  3. This is sad. And thinking that these guys believe they work for the good of the creator, ah, the world should vanish today. Today

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