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Month: August, 2014


Say you’ll be mine, i will make this earth heaven for you, say you’ll be everything i need and i will make your life a bed of roses. Say you will be my beginning and my end and baby, I will make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Say you will be my gold, I will treasure you till the end of the world. I will make you glad you belong to me, I will make your life a bed of roses

I will be your life, your love and your peace, I will give you everything you need and more. I will make you proud and all the girls jealous of you, just say you will be mine and baby, I can give you all of these and more. I will be the lover that spins your world around, I will be the best friend that you need, I will make my heart a home for you, I will make your life a bed of roses

No feeling can be better than knowing you will belong to me forever and ever. No joy can be compared to what I feel cos I know soon I will be in your arms as yours forever. Nothing compared to this joy in my heart because your love is all that I ever need and I know, soon, I’ll be in your arms as yours forever. Say you’ll be mine, and I will make you happy, I will make your life a bed of roses.

Say you’ll be mine, say you’ll love me forever and ever, say that I’ll be the centre of your universe, say that I am all you need and will ever want and baby, you can have all of me, you will be the key to my joy, you will be my morning and my night, you’ll be the only one I want to run to every minute of the day. Just say you will be mine, I will make this earth heaven for you, I will make your life a bed of roses.

Mine to hold, mine to love, mine forever and ever, mine till eternity, mine till death do us part and beyond, mine, mine, mine… just say you’ll be mine, I will make your life a bed of roses…

The tears had stopped but my heart kept beating wildly in my chest. It was as if a heavy stone had been placed there, cutting off the air from my lungs. I was breathless. Here was the most wonderful man every girl would kill to have singing on his knees, with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, asking me to marry him. How could I say no to him? How could I tell him that I would never be good for him? How could I tell him nothing had changed and would never change, that the past still held me bound in its clutches and I would never be free? I looked at him and felt warm liquid trickling down my cheeks. It was supposed to be the best day of my life but people like me do not deserve the best, had my mother not always told me that? Had she not told me that joy was a luxury no one could afford? Had she not said sadness lurked at every nook and cranny of these earth and happiness could have no chance? Had she not told me that I was never going to be good for anybody like she was never going enough for my father and the men that came after him? Had she not told me that I should always prepare for the worst, that was all I was going to get? Damn It. How could I believe I would ever be happy, how? I could not take It anymore, I ran to the bathroom blindly, knocking everything in my wake. I locked the door, shutting him out. Ope deserved more, the more I would never be able to give him.

    “Baby, talk to me, please. Just open the door, please. Choc, please open this door. We can talk about whatever it is that’s making you cry. Please, babes, I hate it when you shut me out? Let me in, we can sort this out. Choc, Choc, open the door”.

I sighed heavily and slipped to the floor when she did not answer me nor opened the door. I stared at the ring in my hand and wondered what It was exactly that was making her cry. Maybe I had hurt her but I was not sure how. I was so confused, I wished she would just open the door and tell me what what was going on with her. Only if she knew how much her silence was breaking my heart into shards. I wanted to hold her in my arms, look into her eyes and tell her everything would be fine. I would cry with her just to show her that her misery was mine also and was willing to do anything to make her happy.  I called out to her again, begging her to just say something. She opened the door and my beautiful chocolatey goodness looked like a total stranger. Her eyes were red and filled with so much anguish, I wanted to pull her in my arms and tell her everything would be fine. Her hair was a mess and she looked like old and tired. I reached out to pull her in my arms but she stepped back.
      “Choc, what is It? You are scaring me”, I said in my gentlest voice.
She looked at me and started sobbing. Her tears were like a hot knife to my heart. I wanted badly to comfort her but she would not let me, she kept pulling back.
     “Babes, just tell me what It is, okay? We can make this go away”
     “Ope, you can’t make anything go away. You can’t!”
     “Okay, just tell me what it is actually making you cry. Did I do something wrong?”
      “No, you’ve been wonderful. You can do no wrong”
      “So, what is it? I hate to see you this sad”
      “I don’t deserve you. I am sorry, I can’t marry you”
I was so shocked, it felt as if my heart had stopped beating.

Song: Bed of Roses written by the inkheart…

Written by Dako. A. Temitope



For my Muse, you know yourself not but thank you for reviving my love for writing again… Wherever it is you are, know that this inkheart beats for you…

The pink thong I wore underneath my skirt was very uncomfortable; it was cutting deep into my fleshy waist and desperately wanted to enter inside the toilet to remove it but I sat put on my chair and counted the minutes remaining to get rid of it in my head. I kept playing with the straw in my drink with one hand while the other toyed with the single button on my blazer.
   “Are you shy or scared, Choc?”
I could not help myself, I blushed when I heard him call me his pet name for me; shortened word for chocolate and I looked up at him. He was smiling that his charming smile at me and I felt warm in my belly. He had always made me feel that way but the heat in my tummy had doubled. I shifted in my chair as the heat spread downwards. I took a sip of my drink to wet my parched throat.
   “No, babes. I am not. I am just a bit anxious”
   “You don’t have to be, dear. We talked about it already, it will be fine”
He held my hands in his and looked into my eyes, waking the butterflies in my stomach. I smiled and allowed myself to relax a bit, we had talked about it and I had no need to be worried. He had assured me that he would make everything so exciting for me that I would continually walk down the memory path of the magic we would make together and I believed him, anticipated it even more.

    “Choc, look into my eyes”, he said. His voice was husky and magnetic. I looked into his brown eyes filled with warmth and his love for me and my heart skipped several beats.
    “I don’t want you to be afraid, Okay? If you can’t handle this yet, we can wait some more. I am not in a hurry. I want more from you than those few minutes in my bed, love”
    “I know babes. I know how you feel about me and I am indeed ready. It is just that I can’t help being anxious, you know”
    “I understand you, Choc. I will try my best to make this worthwhile”

And his best, he did. We abandoned our lunch and feasted on each other’s lips. I could barely think straight as his lips devoured mine and one of his hands dug into by natural short tresses while the other cupped my face in his. For what seemed like a pleasant eternity, we kissed and it felt as if I was working on the clouds. He removed my blazer gently and whistled when he saw my full undergarment. It was a pink see through corset that matched the thong.
    “Babes, you know what? I want you to strip for me. I am already going mad”
I laughed and hit him playfully. He got up and played Beyonce’s drunk in love on his tab and told me to strip to it. As a chubby girl with a bit of fat in my tummy, I was always shy of removing my clothes in front of anyone but he made feel sexy so, I did not hesitate. I did a little belly dance; an act I had perfected years before when I still moved with crazy friends that did nothing but dance almost all day long. I turned around, facing my back to him and I heard him sigh pleasurably. I wiggled out of my skirt, making sure I took a lot of time getting it off. When the skirt was halfway off, he screamed “ukwu” and that got my wild side psyched. I went on my knees and did an ass clap. He slapped my butt cheeks and before I knew it, he was buried deep in my warm haven. It was awesome. There was nothing compared to the way he made me feel and no words could quantify how pleasant it was. Ope made me feel so special, loved and wanton at the same time and I just wished everything would stay that way but only if wishes were horses, I would enslave my soul to the horse just to get a ride.

I woke up the next day with a bowl of strawberries, bars of chocolates, a single white rose flower and a note. I picked up the note. It was Ope telling me he had to rush to see a client and could not wait to be back in my arms. I wanted to smile, take a chocolate bar and stuff my mouth with it because I was giddy with happiness but it was tears that came tumbling down my cheeks. I felt like a tramp and I could not blame Ope, I blamed something that happened to me years ago that kept gnawing at the peace of my mind…

   “To be continued or not…”
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Written by Dako. A. Temitope

A Dime For Love


When I met him, he was not exactly the kind of man I would like but there was something about him that made him mysterious and very fascinating. He had this aura about that was magnetic and my curious mind was just too eager to find out what it was, despite the warning bells that went off all the time I was around him. My mind was more of a curse than a blessing, pushing me to do things that any rational being would not normally do. My mom had once told me it was a million dollar mind that would take me to places but maybe her vision was inaccurate or she was just trying to make me happy, my mind had caused me havoc more than times I could count but my mind is not the reason I am here. I am here because of him, that him I could have died for, that I could have sacrificed my all for. The super hero that could have had all of me, my life even, if he wanted it. Olamilekan, my entire world, is the reason I have resorted to WordPress to share my story; maybe I would find comfort from your kind words.

Like I said earlier, Ola was a very fascinating guy. He could take one look at you and say things about you that are more than accurate. He could tell when you are hurting, when you are excited and when you are depressed. He could get you to share your deepest secrets with him and he had the kindest words for every bad situation you are in. Ola was just like ray of sunshine after a stormy day. He turned my night into day and I would fall asleep with a grin because Ola was on my mind. My friends asked me what it was about the guy that actually turned me on because he was just not my type of guy. Not that I had a special checklist when it comes to my man but I had always gone with guys way older than me with great jobs, super cozy and well furnished apartments, flashy cars, heavy wallets and were the kind that made me weak in the knees just by the way they look and Ola did not even come close to those guys. He was very tall, very fine and reminds me of dark chocolates (which is good) but he had no great job, no cozy apartment and he was just struggling to survive but all that did not matter with him. He made me feel like I was more than tne best female in the world.

Ola was attentive and always put to heart whatever we talk about. He made sure that I got what I liked and would go extra mile to please. There was a time he walked the whole street just to find me caprisonne because he knew how much I love the drink. That day, my heart almost burst open with so much love for this awesome guy. Ola was caring, thoughtful, kind, funny and he was and still everything I want in my man but Ola was certainly not feeling the way I was feeling. The day I managed to tell Ola what I was feeling, his face fell and I knew something was wrong. Ola is engaged to marry to someone studying somewhere overseas and he is loyal to her. He said he loves me but like a sister. I almost fainted, I thought the feeling was mutual.

Ola would not date me and I am too head over heels in love to think about another man. I want him and only him. I would gladly take a dime from him, if that’s all he will pay for my love.


And we stood there, waiting for someone to tell us we have been punked or the news we just heard was not for us. Everyone looked as if they have been slapped by a giant palm and someone had pressed the pause button immediately that slap had been delivered so that the shock, pain and sadness were frozen on our faces. Anyone could tell by our shimmering eyes that we were another unlucky family dealt badly with by the blow of life. I looked at everyone around me and they all seemed to be swallowed up by in depth anguish.

I saw my uncle who was the bravest person I have ever met shake as if a bucket of ice cold water had been emptied on him. He bit his lips too hard and I knew he was trying so hard not to cry because he taught me to do that anytime I felt the urge to cry in a public place. My uncle looked like he had suddenly lived 20 years more than his actual years. He looked so sad like it was a part of his body that was taken away and was it not? Even a blind man knew uncle and papa were too close that everyone called them twins. If anyone could calm my always angry father down, it was uncle. Granny had once said they were the same soul born at different times in different bodies.

Oh granny. Immediately i thought about her, my eyes automatically searched for her in the little crowd. She was no longer sitting down, she was rolling on the floor with her tears and sweat leaving wet marks wherever she rolled. I wondered how grandma would cope. She loved and doted on papa as her favourite child. I remembered those times mama would laugh anytime she caught her washing papa’s clothes and under wears or the times granny had brought home those yummy snacks papa had loved as a kid. Those embarrassing times grandma had suggested bathing for papa when he was ill. Grandma loved papa and we benefitted from that love too. I wondered now that papa was gone, if the love was not gone too.

I looked at my mama and she looked everything but happy. Fat tears rolled down her cheeks as she rocked back and forth on her feet. Her sweet loving husband was gone. There was no one she would report us too anytime we misbehaved. Who will listen to mama’s numerous tales about her impatient, terrible customers that always made her angry? Who will rub mama’s back anytime she was sick? Who will be her comforter, her strength and her backbone? Was it not just months ago when mama wondered aloud how she would cope if papa was not in her life. I wondered silently now, how she would cope without her one true love.

I looked at my siblings and i felt my heart break into tiny shards. The expression on their faces made my knees go very weak and i started trembling.  Who will help them now that papa has gone. Who will teach them, play with them and still scold them when they are wrong? Who will they run to when mama is threatening to tear their buttocks open with her turning stick? Gozie was just 9 but the pain and sorrow in his eyes mirrored everyone else’s and that told me he knew that he was one parent short. It broke my heart to know that he was saddled with the burden and agony of knowing he no longer had a father at such an early stage.

It was hurtful to think about the pain  everyone was feeling and more, it was killing me to know i had caused their agony. How could I look at my family and tell them I had murdered the father that sired me, in cold blood? How could I tell anyone that the poison that was found in papa’s blood was deposited there by me? How could I tell them that I had been planning to kill him for more than two years now but just had the courage to do it? How could i look into those tear ladened eyes and tell them that I was happy that my father had finally gone to hell to meet his maker? How would they understand that I did it to end my misery? Would they understand that my father’s death was my freedom, would they?

I moved to the room where his body was and i closed my eyes remembering the days I felt I was dead and would never live again. I remembered the nights i cried myself to sleep or cowered in the corner of my bedroom hoping he would forget i ever existed. I could remember when I tried talking to everybody about my dilemma but nobody believed me, they thought it was too much nollywood movies that made me think too wildly. Everyone said my father was an angel and would never hurt a fly.  Only if they knew he had done more than hurt me.

I looked at his cold body and allowed myself to smile; a weak smile of victory.
  “Let me see how you will hurt me now”, i thought to myself.
Although i can’t live with the fact that everyone is sad because of what I did, I would always console myself with the fact that I saved myself from a lifetime of misery….