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Month: December, 2014

Tribute To A Father, Brother And Friend


It is hard to actually believe some people have birth-dates. You have this feeling deep down your guts that those people are not mortal beings like yourself, they have to be angels that dropped from heaven to help restore peace to the dying world. These people don’t have wings neither do they wear white always and have strong vibrating voices as we see in nollywood movies, they are so normal like every human being but you wonder why we think they could be angels, right? Well, these people are different. They have this special ability to speak positive in the midst of chaos, they encourage you, give you hope always and are always there to help you. These people don’t complain when you go to them for one thing or another, they are always eager to reach out to you and touch your life they best way they can. They are humble, gentle, soft spoken, truthful, dependable and you will be so blessed to meet one angel-like human all your life. That is why I consider myself to be one of the most blessed persons alive. It is such a great blessing to be surrounded by people you are not connected to by blood, yet watch out for you like a mother will do. One of those people is the honourable father awon boys, oko most beautiful woman in the world (her smile is too beautiful); Abiodun Isaacola Newnaija (wrote the name with all the respect in my young bones. I fit not to call your name like that).


Newnaija is a very awesome person. There is so much I have learnt from him, I am learning from him and will still learn from him. He has an unrelenting spirit that thirsts for the truth and positive changes all the time. He is one of the few creative bloggers I have met who I have never seen, yet supports my vision (no matter what I tell him I am up to) as if we are related by blood. This man has proven to me that you do not need to be related by blood before someone can be called family. I am proud to call him a father, a brother and a friend. He has been a firelighter from the day 1 we met, encouraging me to do more and be more. Even when he found out I was just a little girl, he did not treat me any different. He has this zeal to learn that is just out of this world. He is submissive to whoever it is, no matter the age difference and very very humble. You know sometimes, I just think about all the conversations we have had and I just wonder how someone can be so humble. He never argues a point to “show himself”. He is down to earth.

I could go on and on about this wonderful angel-like human and not run out of words. I am just so blessed to know you. You’ve been a source of inspiration for a positive growth to me, thank you so much for supporting my dreams, visions and purpose. Thank you for reaching out to me especially when it felt I was alone. Thank you being wonderful, Thank you for being you. And when I release my first movie, it will dedicated to a man that gave without knowing me to support the cause… Thank you for being a lamp unto my feet in my dark days. Thank you for all… I am prophetically declaring a million reward of all you’ve sown and because of you, your generation will have reasons always to burst out in praise.. I celebrate you, every waking moment!!

Happy birthday, oga mi sir… The earth is blessed to have you walking on it…


Announcement! Announcement!! Announcement!!!

Sigh…. The network in Naija is very very terrible *screams, tears clothes and weeps* coupled with the fact that picking my tab is like a taboo in this house, I feel as if I have my creativity inhibited but as a good friend will say, when you put your mind on something, there’s nothing that can or should stop you from doing whatever you have planned to do *breathes in and out*.

This year has been successful, more than I expected. It was rough with so many ups and downs; all of which I am so very thankful of. In every area, I have experienced a major shift, well except for this blog. I can’t count how many times I have made the step to make changes and then let works and school get in the way. I admit that it is not easy with all I have to do but it is not an excuse to neglect something I love; it feels as if I have been cheating on my one true love. But thanks to Doctor Temitope Ogundare aka Topazo, I have found the inner energy I need to pull this through. To make this whole thing work, I need you guys to do me a big favour (it is very important as it will fire up my zeal to do more):

– Like the blog’s official Facebook page: Please, get your friends to like the page too as I will be posting some other things there that I won’t be posting on the blog

– Follow my instagram account @the_ardent_inkheart as I will be posting some other things too especially book/blog suggestions

– There is no twitter account yet but by next week… I will need you guys to follow the account too and I guarantee a follow back

– Where comments are not endorsement, I will like you guys to review my works and use the comment box at all times.. it is not convenient, yeah it makes know what I am doing wrong and what I need to work on

– I need the followers of the blog to increase, so I need you guys to help “advertise” the blog the best way you can; through twitter, Facebook, instagram etc.

To do better, I need you guys to work with me. You all are very important to the growth of the blog… You’ve been my inspiration all year long and I appreciate that but I want. Your little “more” will go a long way, more than you can think of… Thank you for sticking with me all through 2014, let’s make 2015 work!!

The Reason For The Season


It’s Christmas and it’s another season to gather your family and friends together to celebrate. Celebrate the birth of Christ amidst other happy reasons. The irony of it all is that where some people will have so many reasons to celebrate and make merry, some will not a find a single reason to do so. Where some will be celebrating, some will be mourning the death of loved ones, loss of jobs, unfulfilled dreams. Where some will dance and laugh,  some will have uncontrollable tears streaming down their eyes. And where some will have too much to eat, some will search the dump looking for leftovers thrown there. Some will complain about the size of meat they have been given while someone will crave for just one spoon of rice. And where you are trying to figure out how you will save face because you don’t have enough to give to your neighbors, some wish they have the little out of your own little. Some wish they have the home you wish you moved out of and some will envy you for the good health and sound mind you have that they have to pay heavily for.

And that is why I am grateful for those things I thought were not worthy enough. I am grateful for laughter, for tears, for days when I was too sad to even cry. I am grateful for those days when I thought I could not even go on anymore, grateful for those who pushed and encouraged me that I was stronger than I ever think I can. I am grateful for those who believed in me and everything I stand for, those whose words have taken me to a height I never imagined, whose words have shaped my life. I am grateful for those few people I can call friends that light the fire in me. I am grateful for family outside my family, those who indulged me even in my foolishness. I am grateful for disappointments, appointments and lessons. I am grateful for sunlight, drought, rainfall and drought. I am grateful for opportunities gained and lost., and all those other sites that pay me heavily for the crap I write, I am grateful. For those blogs that steal my work without my consent, I am grateful still, at least you dey give credit. For those faithful readers of this blog, I am grateful. Sometimes, I look at the stat and I wonder what I am writing that people are reading. Than you for sticking with theinkheartblog no matter the crap I post. Those lovely ones that leave comments, I am grateful; with the cost of data, I know it is not easy. I am grateful for you, for yours, for all the good and bad things. I am grateful for wisdom, for my foolishness, for talent, for mercy, for those who doubted me, those who cursed me and told me I will never be a somebody. I am grateful for 2014 because I discovered love for life no one can kill, strength from within no one can conquer and wisdom no man can fathom.

And so Christmas is not always about having so much to push down your throat that your toilet will be in trouble later on. Christmas is not about the new clothes you want to show off to your friends. It is not a season to be merry alone but a season to sit back, reflect and be grateful. It is a season to show your appreciation, to love, to give, to bless others either with material substance, prayers; something to bring a smile to the faces of everyone, including those you feel they did not have any impact on you this year. Make the little girl with tattered clothes down your street smile, give food to those who don’t have it. What is Christmas without giving to those who really are in need? Remember on this day, God gave us salvation, peace, love; everything you can never afford. God gave us Jesus. So, reach out to people around, give them something significant. In your own little way, give back to the society more than it can ever give to you.

I am excited for 2015 because I will be giving so much more to the world at large than I have ever been given. I am so excited and grateful already for the new year because that is the year you all will be asking for my autograph *laughs*. I am excited for 2015 because my journey is about to change and my story will be told with awe. I am excited because God is just about to start with me. I am excited because theinkheartblog will be taking a very new form!!!!!!!

*whew* excitement overload… I wish you guys a wonderful celebration *blows million and one kisses*

Five First Date Fashion Donts

Your first dates are very important because well, first impression lasts longer than you think. On first meeting, people form a bit of opinion about what you are like. So, it is very important not to make mistakes, especially with what you have on so as not to make mistakes. From your hair to your shoes, these are the fashion mistakes you should not make on your first date:

1. Dress Your Best But Do Not Overdress: it is important to look your best. Dress well but do not overdress. Simple and chic always does it. If you wear too much clothes, you will come off looking like you are trying too hard to impress. So keep it lovely, yet simple.

2. Loud Make-up Is A No No: excess make-up has a way of making you look like a circus clown. As you should not go overboard with your clothes, so should you not go overboard with your make-up. Keep your make so simple, it looks almost natural. Instead of going for dramatic make-up, choose a nude make-up look because it makes you look natural and simple yet beautiful if you do it well.

3. Never Flash More Skin Than Necessary: don’t show off so much skin that your date thinks you are displaying your wares for sale. You don’t want to come off looking cheap and all. So keep thing simple and very decent too, although there’s nothing wrong with looking sexy while keeping it decent.

4. Neatness means a lot: clean your shoes, spray some nice deodorants, brush your teeth; be neat. It is hard to say what someone really wants to see in the other, so try and show to the other person that you can take care of yourself very well. There is no how you can remove cleanliness from your fashion statements

5. Wear What You Are Comfortable In: the key is to impress your date but do not forget your comfort comes first too. Wear clothes that you are so comfortable in. When you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, it makes you feel confident in yourself.

Remember fashion is what you buy and style is what you do with it. Keep it simple, chic and neat. Do not overdo things or dress shabbily. Ask for people’s opinion when picking your clothes for your date. That helps you make the right decision as you may be too flustered to pick the perfect dress for your date.

Gone With The Wind

First solo poem in like a while… I hope you guys enjoy it and get the message… Don’t forget to leave comments… Thanks…

They were one soul destined to meet;
One half completing the other
They were to be bound by love
And together they would live happy ever after
Theirs was to be a love story told by generations to come
Beautiful half souls merged to be one
But they never happened

Oh, they did meet
On the day their paths crossed,
One looked down at the other
Disgusted at his unkempt hair and ugly shoes
The other ashamed to be seen
Talking with someone who had almost nothing on

And so they went their separate ways,
Seeking for what they have already found
In other souls not meant for them
And their spirits waited and hoped
That their paths would cross again
So that their story be told and lessons be taught

But it never happened
They were destined to meet once
They thought they were too good for another
And that one discarded unimportant meeting
Caused them a lifetime of pain




So, I just finished watching this movie titled “The Lamp”. It is one of those rare movies that bring tears to my eyes and motivate me to push forward and be a better person no matter the situation I’m facing. The movie is about a couple that lost a son and it was hard for them to movie on especially the husband who blamed himself for the death of the boy. The whole thing affected his life, relationship with the wife and work. He could not do much writing (he was a writer) and he was in so much debt. It was like that until a neighbor gave the wife a magic lamp. The night while she was cleaning the lamp, she saw “Just Believe” inscribed on it. One thing led to another, she met a messenger (a genie kind of person) that came to tell she could have the things she wanted. After much doubts, the husband met the messenger too and he agreed to grant them 3 wishes. The wishes came with conditions. The first condition was they could not wish for something that will interfere the other person’s freewill. The second condition was they could not bring a dead person back to life and the third one was they could wish for something they could get by themselves.

All three conditions are wonderful as it eliminates selfishness. Anyways, I like the idea and decided to make my own wish list using the same conditions. Who knows, maybe a genie-like person will pop up and just grant me my wishes and it is the season to make wishes. Here they go:

1. To Love As Much As I Have Been Loved: sometimes, it is so hard to love people unconditionally with their terrible characters and all that but I’ve been loved by God unconditionally. He showered me with love when I don’t deserve it and even more when I go against His words and that is the kind of love I want to have for people. To love as much as I’ve been loved by God is to have the strength to forgive even before I will be offended, to look beyond wrong deeds and still care deeply, reach out to people no matter their stand with me.

2. To Give As Much As I’ve Been Given: given when it is not convenient is a difficult thing to do. I think of so many things I can do with Whig I want to give out but what better joy is it to help others with the gifts I have been blessed with. My second wish is to bless everyone I come across with the gifts God has blessed me with either physical or not. To bring smiles to the face of others and bring happiness to wherever I find myself. I want to my life to bring so much joy to people, to affect so much life positively with my experiences and give them hope.

3. To Be Happy: when I see myself doing things I never thought I could do, it gives me so much happiness, when I find myself loving someone who dont deserve and when someone tells me how much happy I make him or her, my joy goes overboard. To be happy is to have my first two wishes come true. I want to be happy always, not minding the trials and tribulations I am going through. I want to have joy flowing in my heart every minute, so much that I am a channel of joy unto other channels of joy. I don’t want my happiness tied to material things or people. Even when I have in abundance, I want to be joyful, when I am flat broke, I want to be joyful still. When I am surrounded by people, I want to be happy and when I am alone, I want to be able to say indeed I am a happy child. This third wish matters because sometimes I find myself tying my happiness with certain people or things. To be happy unconditionally is to always trust in that one true God to be my joy at all times and it is what I have in abundance I can give unto others.

These are my wishes not just for now but for everyday of my life… What are yours? Pretend I am a genie and I am here to make your wishes come true. Remember you can’t wish someone dead to com back to life, you can’t wish for something you can get on your own or wish for something that will interfere with people’s freewill. Make this fun and use the comment box

With Love To A Special Friend


Some people come into your life and it changes for the better in every area. There is just something about those really very special people because either you are close other far from them or you don’t even talk everyday, there is always a great connection; so great that nothing can cut it off. When you close your eyes to pray, you find yourself saying more prayers for them than you do for yourself. Your relationship is built on something stronger than you can think of. Age, tribe, nationality, likes; your differences don’t even matter because you have something so beautiful; too beautiful built on the love of Christ and not anything worldly.

In my short journey on earth, I have met so many people; too many that I can’t even remember some. Some held my hands and walked through the path of destruction with me. Some just watched me living my life without interfering. Some are more concerned about telling the terrible tales you share with them in secret with others while some are just friends for very selfish reasons but I have only been privileged to meet few people who have changed my life for the better, people who have pushed me through tough times and stuck me with me even when I was at my worst. One of such people is my sweetheart, Ozioma.

When we first met, I would not have imagined you would be a important part of my new life. I always wanted to keep my distance and then I found out you attended the same secondary school with me. I was excited and we started trading stories and I found out we have so much in common; your love for books, writing poems when you are angry, the passion for public speaking. I can remember how Seun will roll her eyes anytime we start talking about Saggy and books. It was always amazing talking with you and then we found out we even have greater purpose for meeting each other. You became a friend; a wonderful one.

Thank you for being a part of vision, mission and purpose. When I had doubts in my calling, you were always there to encourage me. You are one great spiritual fertilizer. Thanks for being a covenant friend; you stuck with me in my times of mess, when I was not sure what the next step was. In more ways than one, you have put me back on track. The encouragement I got from you concerning my book is amazing and although I am still on it, you are one of the reasons I pick my tab and push myself to finish it. Thanks for being a wonderful daughter. Your zeal to learn, to change, to be corrected is amazing. It was so wonderful to be one of those people God has placed in your life as a part-time teacher. Thank you for being a sister, a supporter when I needed someone to hold me and tell me it will be fine.

Everyday, I bless God for making our paths cross. You have shown me age is just but numbers and maturity comes from walking in depthly with God and having the Holy Spirit as an instructor. You have been so much of a blessing to me and I am proud of you. You’ve taught me a lot and words can not express how much happiness is in my heart because of the part you have played in my new life.

Bless you, Princess… I wish you a very very very happy birthday… May you live long to be the woman God has destined you to be. May live your life fulfilling the purpose you have been called for. Even when we are miles apart, always know that you are very special to me… God bless you!! Enjoy your day and hope you actually have fun…

Blossom on, sweet child of God
Like flowers planted by the riverside
Blossom on, daughter of Zion
Shine beautiful cos God is on your side
Shine brighter than the stars cos you’ve got God
Blossom on, virtuous woman
Blossom on, God’s special creation
Nothing can stop you, keep blossoming
Like flowers planted by the riverside
And my wishes for you today and beyond is to blossom
In God’s presence everyday of your life
Let His love be your guard and His wisdom your gaurd
His Grace, a constant companion
His Mercy, a constant covering
And everyday will be recorded as the best of your days
Live long and prosper in good health, wisdom and God’s love


He was on his knee. The stone on the ring he stretched out to me shined brightly in the almost dark room. I need not to be told it was real diamond and very costly too. Friends and family cheered. They kept oohing and aahing. I saw the smiles and excitement on their faces. My eyes strayed back to him and I could almost touch the love radiating through him. It was so sincere and so thick that it would be hard to rip it through with a knife. His smile was genuine and his eyes was a canvass of vague emotions but of all, I saw anticipation more clearly. It was painted in bold red strokes so endearing my heart shattered in pieces and breathing was the last thing on my mind. Their shouts of joy coupled with his own too-strong emotions made me feel as if dehydrated. The thickness of the atmosphere was overwhelming and like a cold thief who had no other mission but to kill, I felt its hands curled round my neck choking and cutting the little breathe I could manage off.

The pain in my chest doubled. The heat coursing through my body became unbearable. Not bothering with the message it would send, I removed my blazer and fanned myself with my hand. Maybe they thought I was so shocked and pleasantly surprised by the proposal and it made me speechless, my friends and sisters changed tones and went “aaawwww”. He was just on his knee, smiling like a contented cat and waiting for me to answer his question. The scene made my head throb badly, the noise did not help either. I wanted to scream for them to shut up and go home to whatever they go home to. I wanted to shout and tell them there was nothing exciting about the whole thing. More, I wanted to kick him in the knee and spit on him. I wanted to tell him to go to hell with his ring, I was not interested in spending the rest of my life with him. I wanted to tell him I dated him only to make my family happy and my friends get off my back. I wanted to tell them all that I was happy being single and I would never be a happy married woman.

I wanted to say a lot of things but I could not. How could I refuse to get married to the only man that had paid attention to me in the last five years after the birth of my babies? How could I say no to a man who loved my twins as if they were his? How could I break my mother’s heart and cause my friends to wonder if I was alright? How could I explain to the world why I had refused such a good man? I took the bottle of champagne they had opened already to toast to my engagement and gulped it down. Maybe they could not see my distress and thought it was comical, everyone began laughing including him. I wanted to scream for them to stop but I could not. Too many were at stake for me to say my mind. I could hear their judgement already

  “You are fool. You know how many girls would die to be in your shoes at the moment?”
   “How could you let such a good man go? How could say no to such an angel?”
    “You should be glad he wanted a woman with two kids. Trust me, no man will ever glance at you after this. You are going to die a lonely maid”
    “Were you high on cheap drugs? You better go and look for how to beg him to come back to you”
     “You brought bastard kids and now you are refusing to marry a man that accepted to marry you despite that? I disown you as my child”
     “Toni, you need to see Pastor Laolu. You need to see him o, so you can be delivered. This is the work of the devil. I am sure Mama Nkechi has a hand in this matter. She has been jealous of your relationship because her daughter is busy sleeping with everything that looks like man. You need deliverance o” (said amidst hot tears).

They would never understand if I said no. How could they understand that I could never love a man. They did not know my innocence had been forcefully taken from me and I had an unwanted pregnancy to double my pain and shame. Everyone thought my invisible boyfriend had absconded after the news but no one knew the misery I lived in day after day. I had been scarred and no man looked the same to me again. They would not understand my decision but would judge me  nonetheless. I should take the high road and damn all consequences but I was not feeling so brave. I gulped more alcohol and sighed heavily. Tonight, I would make them happy. Tomorrow, I would wish it never comes.

5 Business Ideas You Can Do To Bring Extra Cash This Season

Hello everyone… I feel like I owe you guys an apology, I know I do. I have been so away from the blog, just posting once in a while. It is not my fault, been really occupied. In between two jobs, final year hustle and writing of project, I am always often tired to do much writing on the blog and the sad thing is I have actually created some contents to make the blog more fun for people to read. I just look at my Notepad and feel bad that I have not started anything and the year is about to run out. I won’t make promises this time but I will try my best to make it up to you guys. I have not forgotten “Till Sex Do Us Part” too. I am so so sorry. Enjoy this post and don’t forget to leave comments; they are not endorsement but they encourage me to write more. I love feedback and I will love if you guys use the comment box more often. Thank you very much
The year is gradually running to an end and we all know what that means. Another festive season is here; time to party, chill with friends, extend your love and appreciation to friends and family by buying them gifts. As everyone knows, at this time of the year most people tend to spend more than they will get or beyond their budget and making them go broke by the new year. Some even run into debt which makes people to go “lowkey” after the whole celebration. People will often suspend buying anything till the second or even the third month. For parents, it becomes a even tougher time as they have to pay fees and give their kids pocket money.

Thinking of the “brokeness” that comes after the festive season, one would almost want to completely put off celebrating or celebrate minimally. It is good to cut your coat according to the availability of the material at hand but sometimes, it is also good to enjoy your holiday to the fullest without having to think of what your bank statement is saying or will say afterwards. In order for that to happen, you have to have an extra source of income. Either people don’t know or choose to ignore, the Christmas/New Year celebration is ironically one of the best times to make money because people are doing a lot of buying or looking for one service or another.

For those who are tired of not having enough cash to spend before or after the festive period, outlined below are five business ideas for the season. The good things about the business ideas are that you can modify them to suit your own capabilities or to your own taste and you need little or no money for some of them.

Business Idea 1 – Sale Of Gift Hampers:
This season, people are looking for what to buy for their friends and loved ones and a nicely packaged hamper is a good gift idea. All you have to do is jot down what you need to make the gift basket attractive. Provisions, canned or packaged food stuffs, kitchen utensils, wines, juice are some of the items you can put inside the hamper. Take cool pictures of the hampers, post them on your social network accounts and put up your number for people to call. You can spice things up by arranging free delivery for buyers that live around you.

Business Idea 2 – Acting As Middleman Between Buyers And Sellers:
People are always looking for who will help them deliver goods to their customers and we all know December is a time when people travel to visit their hometown, so sellers are always looking for people to help them deliver their products. This idea is not capital intensive but can be stressful and is a very good way for students to make extra cash during the break. With the money you make, you can support your parents when they tell you they don’t have the usual amount they give you to school.

Business Idea 3 – Cleaning Services:
Most homes this season are looking to clean their homes thoroughly and in between going to work, shopping, taking care of the kids, there is really no time to do that. You can always volunteer to clean the house for them for a fee. Arrange a team that you know can work with you. This is also a very awesome idea for students to make extra cash. You can use the social media to advertise your services.

Business Idea 4 – Retail Of Food Stuff And Chickens:
Food and chickens are almost a necessary part of the Christmas celebration. To make even bigger profit from selling chickens and food stuff, buy directly from a farmer. With the discounts on the goods, you will make more than buying from the market. The social media is also a good place to advertise your goods.

Business Idea 5 – Retail Of Clothes (Used or Unused):
Because we all want to look good, a good Business you can do this period is selling clothes. It doesn’t matter if they are second hand clothes, new ones or native materials; all you have to know is the kind of people you want to sell those clothes to. You can spice things up by adding shoes, jeweleries, make up kits to the equation. If you can make hair (and you are not a stylist professionally), this is the time to make money from that knowledge. Twitter, Facebook, instagram is a good place to advertise your wares.

These are some of the five things you can do this holiday to make money. Use your social network account to your advantage. Advertise your goods and services there and get your friends to do the same for you too. Don’t forget the traditional form of advertising which is the “word of mouth” is also a good way to let people know you are selling something or offering a particular service.

What are the other things people can do this season to make money? Use the comment box to share your ideas

My Best 5 Engagement Proposal Ideas


There is something every girl looks forward to apart from her wedding ceremony and that is her proposal, the time the guy will show up with the ring and pop the question. Thanks to the many Hollywood movies, girls don’t want the traditional and boring way of proposing to the girl; you know where your mother will be his mouthpiece and will have to inquire if you will marry him on his behalf, lobatan, you are engaged. Every girl wants the fairy-tale kind of proposal that will have tongues wagging and skins turning green with envy for a long time and then have it featured on weddingdgest, bellanaija and co. I, for one will want the modern and more romantic form of proposal because it shows the extent at which a guy will/can go to just to convince you he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

These modern ways of proposing is very good but if care is not taken, it can turn out cheesy, boring and you may end up looking as if you are trying too hard to please. Because I am a die-hard romantic, I have put together my top 5 proposal ideas. Some of them are somehow expensive but for a girl you love and wants to settle down with, no amount of cash is too much to show her you want her and only her. Note that you have to really put into consideration what your girl loves to do or enjoys the most when planning the proposal.

1. The Traditional Way With A Modern Twist: if she’s the mummy/daddy’s angel kind of girl or she values family time a lot, she will really love this. Plan a little family get together but inform the parents of your intention to marry their child. At the family dinner, let the father make a little speech about both of you. While he’s at it, her sister or brother (it will be so much sweeter if the sibling is still young like 3-8. If she doesn’t have, you can always use her favourite cousin, niece or nephew) will come in with the wedding ring and your own younger sibling it cousin or nephew almost the same age will come in with a placard that has something really cute written on it. You can use the regular “Will you marry me?” or use something else like “we want you to be a part of our family, please marry my brother/uncle”.

2. The Dinner At Sunset: I love watching the sun set. There is something beautiful about it that just makes it so romantic. If you can get a building with an open rooftop, it will even be more beautiful. Get the rooftop set for a romantic dinner for two. You can hire a wonderful chef to cook her some of her best dishes but if you are a good cook, it will be awesome to do the cooking yourself. If you can afford it, get an artist (you don’t have to go as far as hiring Davido them but someone who can sing beautifully from your church choir will do so as to save you money) who can play the guitar. If you can’t, your iPod+speakers will do the trick. As she sits down, the musician starts to sing her favourite love song (if you have a special song, this will be perfect) or play the music and then you go on your knee. This is simple and also very romantic. I like this because it’s just both of you enjoying the special moment. You can do it your own style. This proposal is very very versatile

3. The Beach Affair: this is my second favourite proposal idea. I often daydream about being proposed to this way. You can take her to a private resort for the weekend or just a normal day out at the beach or get her friends into tricking her to come; it all depends on how you want it done. Early in the morning or in the evening is the best time for this as the weather is cool and calm. You can just write the will you marry on the floor and kneel down beside it but this is how I love the beach kind of proposal. If you’ve brought her to the beach on a weekend cruise, buy her a lovely dress (the kind that suits the environment), put a note beside it telling her to wear the dress and meet you where you are going to pop the question. Hire a musical band to spice things up if you can afford it. As she gets close to you, recite a beautiful poem for her. You may have friends and sisters over if you like. When you are done with the poem, go on your knees and pop the question. You can use sea shells to write it on the floor.

4. The Loud And Expensive: if you have the money, this is a super romantic way to propose to your bae. You can do it at a musical concert where you pay for the organisers give you the chance to ask her to be your wife in front of thousands of people. You can do a billboard proposal. Just get her to go out with you, form minor problem and while you are trying to find a solution, your pictures starts showing on the billboard and then you look to him only to find him on his knee. You can also do it at the cinema. Take her to see a movie except she won’t be seeing a movie, she will be seeing your pictures and the big question on the screen. You can even go church with it. Propose to her in church on the altar (I have never seen that but I think it will really be cool).

5. This 5th one, I can’t even think of a perfect subtitle. It is my favourite kind of proposal because it is just what I love. It reaches deep within your soul and it’s just so magical. Singing to me is one of my weaknesses. When the right person sings for me, I just practically melt (I hope future boo is noting this). I just want to wake up one glorious morning, to find rose petals on the floor. Then, I will trail the petals only to lead me to where he is. He will be sitting on a chair looking all handsome and regal. He will call me to him and I will sit on his laps. Then he will sing to me. As he sings, he will slip the ring on my finger. Sigh, I too like to dey imagine. Petals, candles and music is just the perfect touch to any proposal. Another one like it is coming home from a hectic day at work and as you enter, you find different notes with sweet words on them. As you get to the bedroom, you meet rose petals, wine, chocolates and another note telling you that a bath has been prepared for you. You see more petals on your way till you get to the bathroom and sweet smelling candles lit around the bath. And as you are soaking and enjoying the awesome bath, he comes in singing to you. And then just when you think that’s all, he goes on his knees to propose to you.

And those are my best 5 proposal ideas. Please use the comment box to pick your choice and drop your own favourite proposal idea. Who knows, someone may just need that idea to propose to his woman.