With Love To A Special Friend


Some people come into your life and it changes for the better in every area. There is just something about those really very special people because either you are close other far from them or you don’t even talk everyday, there is always a great connection; so great that nothing can cut it off. When you close your eyes to pray, you find yourself saying more prayers for them than you do for yourself. Your relationship is built on something stronger than you can think of. Age, tribe, nationality, likes; your differences don’t even matter because you have something so beautiful; too beautiful built on the love of Christ and not anything worldly.

In my short journey on earth, I have met so many people; too many that I can’t even remember some. Some held my hands and walked through the path of destruction with me. Some just watched me living my life without interfering. Some are more concerned about telling the terrible tales you share with them in secret with others while some are just friends for very selfish reasons but I have only been privileged to meet few people who have changed my life for the better, people who have pushed me through tough times and stuck me with me even when I was at my worst. One of such people is my sweetheart, Ozioma.

When we first met, I would not have imagined you would be a important part of my new life. I always wanted to keep my distance and then I found out you attended the same secondary school with me. I was excited and we started trading stories and I found out we have so much in common; your love for books, writing poems when you are angry, the passion for public speaking. I can remember how Seun will roll her eyes anytime we start talking about Saggy and books. It was always amazing talking with you and then we found out we even have greater purpose for meeting each other. You became a friend; a wonderful one.

Thank you for being a part of vision, mission and purpose. When I had doubts in my calling, you were always there to encourage me. You are one great spiritual fertilizer. Thanks for being a covenant friend; you stuck with me in my times of mess, when I was not sure what the next step was. In more ways than one, you have put me back on track. The encouragement I got from you concerning my book is amazing and although I am still on it, you are one of the reasons I pick my tab and push myself to finish it. Thanks for being a wonderful daughter. Your zeal to learn, to change, to be corrected is amazing. It was so wonderful to be one of those people God has placed in your life as a part-time teacher. Thank you for being a sister, a supporter when I needed someone to hold me and tell me it will be fine.

Everyday, I bless God for making our paths cross. You have shown me age is just but numbers and maturity comes from walking in depthly with God and having the Holy Spirit as an instructor. You have been so much of a blessing to me and I am proud of you. You’ve taught me a lot and words can not express how much happiness is in my heart because of the part you have played in my new life.

Bless you, Princess… I wish you a very very very happy birthday… May you live long to be the woman God has destined you to be. May live your life fulfilling the purpose you have been called for. Even when we are miles apart, always know that you are very special to me… God bless you!! Enjoy your day and hope you actually have fun…

Blossom on, sweet child of God
Like flowers planted by the riverside
Blossom on, daughter of Zion
Shine beautiful cos God is on your side
Shine brighter than the stars cos you’ve got God
Blossom on, virtuous woman
Blossom on, God’s special creation
Nothing can stop you, keep blossoming
Like flowers planted by the riverside
And my wishes for you today and beyond is to blossom
In God’s presence everyday of your life
Let His love be your guard and His wisdom your gaurd
His Grace, a constant companion
His Mercy, a constant covering
And everyday will be recorded as the best of your days
Live long and prosper in good health, wisdom and God’s love


7 thoughts on “With Love To A Special Friend”

  1. #fact! Dear God, I bless and thank you for people like Oziama. Please I do not mind meeting more awesome creatures like You in her.

  2. Yeah..some people are like that. They come into your life and turn it around for the better. Some will walk in and make your life worth living…Happy Belated Birth to You #Ozioma…

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