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Month: January, 2015


To the one that will always be the sunshine in my dark clouds, I just want to tell you how much you mean to me. I know over the years you have heard me say it; maybe you’re even tired of hearing but I can never be tired of telling you how much it makes […]

Who I am, I know not anymore…
The darkness is seeping in
Dimming the lights that was once there…
I am lost, please find me…

What I am, I have forgotten.
Uncertainty creeps in, stealing my boldness.
I am a confused mess
Please bring me understanding

Help!! Help!!, my mind screams
Longing for a saviour, to bring me clarity
To rekindle my hope
I crave nothing else but redemption
Redemption of a lost soul afraid to be found

I’m imprisoned by the horrors of my fear
Afraid to be found again
Yet scared of what may happen if I’m not
I’m torn apart
Terrified I may, at last, bring peril to myself

And I’m forever to be doomed
Lost in a dark, gloomy world
Help me, find redemption for me
That a soul once filled with darkness
May see true and pure light again


This is not my story. Although, I wish I am bold enough to speak up and tell my story to the world; a story of how I’ve fought the bad and won the good, a story of how I stood despite all odds and forged on despite all obstacles but I am a very timid being contented with telling the tales of others. I know you may say it is a brave thing to speak for others and make their gory situations look so beautiful and almost inviting, I know within that I am a coward; hiding myself in the stories of others. I know you want me to share my fears, speak of my faith and hope, maybe you long to read them too but I dared not because I am a coward; only courageous enough to speak up of others. So, I will disappoint again because this is not my story, I am just a voice through which others can tell their tales.

This is not my story but the story of a little girl from a very far place, another continent maybe, whose yearning to speak to the world of her woes had me restless all day long. Even as I picked my pen to write down the words she won’t stop whispering to me, I felt my heart doing a little tap dance in my chest; in fact, I still feel it now. The dancing of my heart is not of joy but of sadness, of pain and deep sorrow this little girl’s story caused me. If I could feel that way, I wonder how overwhelming her sadness and pain will be. This is a story not just for her but for little girls like her who are too timid, too broken to reach out to the world; little girls whose voices have been snatched away from them and replaced with thick cold fear for almost everything.

This is not my story but of a little girls whose childhood has been snatched from her or maybe she had no sense what childhood means. A little who looks up at the beautiful shining sun and she could feel is the heat and not the natural golden beauty. A little who stares at the sea and the sounds of the waves crashing against each other sounds like the thick horse whip her father used on her constantly tearing her delicate skin open. This is the story of a little who stares at the moon each night and wishes to lost in the sea of stars that shined so brightly, away from the pain that was her life. A little girl, who at 7, has experienced all the nine stages of hell.

This is the story of a child who should still be pampered and nurtured with so much love and care getting nothing but hate. Love, like a foreigner treading on unfamiliar coasts, was strange to her. This is the story of a little girl who has no one but herself to fight her battles for her, whose day is filled with agony and her night with so much terror. As she whispered to me, I can hear the brokeness in her voice; her tiny voice begging for mercy, seeking to be freed. And all through my session with her, I heard nothing but raw fear; fear of a man who should have been her protector, of a woman who was meant to be her angel but had nothing but cruel words for her.

This is the story of a girl who lay every night on a thin bed that had seen better days in fear of what to come to her. A girl whose sanity is gradually dissipating and loosing herself to the horror that was her life. This is the story of a girl who has done everything to please the people around her and got nothing in return but reproach and pain. This is the story of a little whose heart bleeds constantly for mercy and longs for freedom. Whose opinion about happiness is the tiny biscuit and cake crumbs thrown her way once in a blue moon.

This is not my story, that you know by now, but of a girl whose life is gradually being snuffed and has almost no chance of survival. A little girl whose voice is almost cut off yet found the strength to reach out to me to speak up off her. This is the story of a little who wants me to tell of her horror to the world at large. Although it may not be long before she is called home to live with her Creator, this little wants change. This little girl’s story is exceptional because despite her own pains, she wants me to speak so that others like her may be saved.

This is not my story; I wish to God I was that selfless, looking beyond my pain to rescue others. This is the story of a little girl who has not received love but is ready to die that others may live in true happiness. Maybe I can’t do perfect justice to do this little girl’s story but she chose me for a reason; what she saw in me God knows. As she finished her story, she made me promise her that I would do my best to scream it and I must keep screaming at all costs. She said to me and I can never forget “we are the light of the world. Please, help stoke the light that it may never die”

This is the story of a girl who has chosen me to be her voice, a voice to speak against inhumanity towards children like her. I may not be as strong as the little girl but I swear to God, I will try and even in my grave, my voice will still ring out loud. This is the promise I made and as God is my witness, I won’t break it; not ever!

Rape is not the only form of child abuse… Say NO to all forms of abuse, it kills faster than an airborne disease!!!

Love is sweet and all that; that’s what they say but I say love is what you make of it, either good or bad.

Love is what makes you comfortable, what makes the world seem so balanced. It doesn’t matter if it is good or not.

Love is true but can be lies. Your kind of love is not the type I want but it has given me security. It may be bad but at least, I belong to somebody; you call me yours

In search of truth, I lost myself to the lies that you are…. I should run but I want the lies more than the truth. Maybe I am afraid of reality, maybe I am…

In search of love, I lost myself to hate. It’s not what I want but I am so afraid of being alone, I will take it anyways. Don’t tell me I’m a fool, your hatred is better than nothing; way better.

Common sense says I should flee, my heart wants to desperately stay and my mind is torn between both decisions. I should flee, for my sanity but my heart says stay

I am comfortable with you; at least I know what to expect. It’s not that I love you, it’s not that I can’t run, I’m not a fool, I just love the lies in my truth.

I should leave you and turn to the truth but I am so afraid to be alone. Maybe I am afraid of reality, maybe I am…

Love so sour, love so bad, love so mean but I will stay still because this reality is better than nothing. I am comfortable with you; the lies in my truth

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There are days when you feel so lost even when your paths are clearly laid out for you. You grope about in darkness despite the light that is shining brightly upon you. You feel yourself stumbling over obstacles, sometimes you fall and then find it hard to get on your feet and when you finally find yourself on your feet, you feel like you cannot carry on any longer. No matter how easy people tell you that task is or you know within your heart it is, it just seems so difficult. You feel your strength, your wisdom, all the understanding you have of the knowledge you have acquired in the past keeps failing you. You search for the answer; you know it is somewhere but you can’t just reach it. You’ve tried so hard to figure out what it is but everything is failing you. You have even prayed but nothing is working, it suddenly feels like God has left you, neglected you to your own whims. You really want to believe otherwise, you want to have faith, you want to hold on but you feel so alone and it feels like God is nowhere to be found.

When you pick your bible to search for motivation, the usual words that gave you the encouragement in the past seemed to be a burden. You feel so heavy in your heart like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You want to trust in God but that medical diagnosis, overdue bills, empty fridge, lack of job tells you there is nothing to trust God for. You really want to believe there is more to your life than just living but when you look at your problems, names people have called you, things people said you could never do, places they say you can never reach; you feel like there is nothing to believe. Why believe when you’re not getting results.

There are days when you feel like world’s greatest failure, a mistake. Days when you wish you could just die and let it all go. There are days when you just can’t carry on any longer, days when 6ft below is a better place to you. Those days when you just go on, not because you have something to latch on to but because death has refused to visit. Days when you doubt there is God or a supreme being somewhere who can take all your sorrows away. You wake up with a gaping hole in your heart and you sleep with so much pain in your heart. You are surrounded by lots of people yet you feel like you are standing alone. You have no reason to live anymore because you feel so dead within.

Maybe you’ve been told you can never be good enough for anything and you believe it because nothing good seems to come out of you. You have made people’s declaration about your life to be your guideline. Maybe you’ve been shunned, written off, pushed aside and neglected. Maybe they said you would have been better off a dead man and you believe it because you feel like a walking zombie.

On those days, God is waiting for you to just run back to Him and say you surrender it all at His feet. God is waiting for you to come to Him and tell him to take the wheels. He is waiting on you, ready to change your story. Dump human reports and believe the report of God that says you can do all things because He is your strength. He can turn your trials into triumph, your tests into testimonies, your mess into messages. He can turn your neglected cornerstone into a chief cornerstone and bring out the best out in you. When you feel like it is all over, just turn to God and tell him to take charge. In our time of confusion, God is just waiting in one corner, waiting for us to say that we can’t go on without Him. The most amazing thing about laying it all God’s feet is that when He says Yes to you, no one dares to question Him. He will open a door for you and no man dares to shut it. With Him, it is not about the man with the biggest muscles or most degrees or finest qualifications but the man who He has bestowed upon His grace and mercy. When God singles you out for transformation, people who doubted you would celebrate you. Your past mistakes doesn’t even matter with God because His love towards you is new everyday. Whether or not you deserve a second chance, God will give it to you. He will make you a living proof that God is the definition of love and forgiveness.

When you find yourself down, walking down the path where it is all gloomy, remember there is someone walking that path with you and that person is God; the One who can make the difference in you. After all, He laid down His life that you may live forever.

Bible Reading: Jeremiah 29 vs 11, Isaiah 40 vs 31, Psalm 34 vs 18

Prayer Point: When it feels like nothing is working for me anymore, Lord, remind me that though sorrow may tarry for the night but joy comes in the morning. Help me not to lose Hope in You.


Another poem from one of my favourite poets ever… His poems evoke deep emotions and paint clear pictures… I love him, I hope you do too.. Please, he needs your comments and likes (sincere ones though); he is a budding writer and needs your opinions. They will matter… Please join my bbm channel: C00446F02 for […]

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Major Ingredients You Will Need:
Fresh Red Pepper
Fresh Green Pepper (just enough to add colour to the sauce)
Fresh Tomatoes (a lot more than the peppers)
Onions (1 big bulb should do)
Chicken (Half a kilo)

How to get the shredded chicken
-Boil your chicken as you normally do with the spices you like. Boil for a very long time till the chicken is very tender
-Remove the chicken from the pot and put in a bowl of cool water or you can leave it for a long time to cool if you have time on your hands.
-Then, you remove the chicken bits by bits from the bones. At the end of it, you will have boneless shredded chicken like this: 


Note that the turkey stock (that’s the water used in boiling the chicken) must not be thrown away as it will be used in making the sauce.

How to make the shredded chicken sauce:
-Chop your peppers, tomatoes into big but not so big slices. It is best to use a knife instead of a manual blender to do this. When you’re done chopping or slicing, you should have something like this


-Put your stock back on fire (the stock should not be much though so you won’t overflood the sauce) and add the sliced peppers, tomatoes and onions to it. Allow it to boil for like 3-5 minutes
-Then add the shredded chicken, maggi and salt to taste. (Be gentle on the maggi and salt as the stock already contains some). Stir together and leave it to boil for another 3 minutes.
-Add little oil like 3 cooking spoon full to it and stir again.
-Wait a little while like 2 minutes till your sauce is thick with a soupy effect and then remove from fire. The shredded chicken sauce will look like this when you’re done


Serve with anything but best goes with boiled/fried/roasted yam, macaroni, rice or spaghetti. I like it best with macaroni or spaghetti.


This sauce is easy to make and is wonderful for special occasions like date night at home, special family dinner and so on.

If you have any problem recreating the recipe, use the comment box and I will answer your questions.

New Year, New You; To Old To Be True..


It is the 5th day in the first month of the new year and so I need not remind us again of that fact that we have left 2014. Besides, I trust our calenders, the celebrations around us and the constant BCs and DPs to remind us of that. As accustomed with the new year, people around the globe, are making resolutions to drop some bad habits and make the much needed change to be progressive in life. Chain smokers don’t want to smoke anymore or reduce the number of sticks they take daily. Drunkards want to stay away from the bottle, parents want to be better with their kids, kids want to make their parents proud, girlfriend wants to be faithful, boyfriends don’t want to chase everything in skirts anymore. Everyone wants to be better, do better, live better in the year. And almost every pms, you see stuffs like: “new year, new beginning”, “time to be better, it is a new year”, “old year gone, new me born” and the common one is “new year, new me”. Then you start to wonder what happened to their resolution the previous year “to be new” and why people actually wait a whole year to decide they want to be better.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful thing to start a new year with new goals and fresh zeal to make things want to work for the better for you. It is great to make resolutions for the new year and map the things you want and don’t want for the year but of what use are the resolutions when you’ve not accomplished the one for the previous year or the one before that? You promise yourself every new year to change, you stick with your plans for a while and then along the line, you lose focus and you’re back to the place where you were not achieving anything. I know some people already have ditched the plans to have a new beginning in 2015 and have fallen back into old, familiar patterns. 5 days into January and you’ve dumped the resolutions into the normal bin you dump them year in, year out. Like someone who told me he would stop smoking and he actually stopped for like 2 days. On the third day, I saw my friend smoking cheerily. When I asked him what happened to “I want to quit smoking in 2015”, he said “forget that one jare”. Was I surprised,  nope. He would have shocked me if he actually stuck with the whole resolution.

And that is why when people tell me they are embarking on a journey to become a better person in the new year, I just sneer. If they were so serious about changing, they need not wait for the beginning of another 365 days to start. To me, every moment of our lives is the chance we have to get better. If you did not start July or April or September, what makes you think you will pull it off in January? You can’t just wait for January 1 and then expect a special kind of super power to fall on you. I am not condemning those who do. As a matter of fact, I set new goals to be achieved but for people who did not do anything important in the old year, who only wait for a new year to make decisions should stop it. Today is the only chance we have to get better, tomorrow is never assured. Don’t wait for a special day, push on, keep on learning, keep on striving to be a better human, do all the things you have to do that make your life progressive. Trust me, doing the right things at the right; which is all the time and not a specific time is the key to the “better new you” you so desire.

This year, make a decision to stick with your resolutions all days of the year and on the 31st of December, 2015, you will be so proud of yourself and the people around will be to. Don’t do the “new year, new you” thingy, it is too old to be true.

To My Bald Girlfriend

Hi everyone… This is a poem written by Jesse Odion; a newbie. I have read some of his poems and he is a gifted poet. I want you to read, encourage him by telling him what you think about the poem using the comment box and don’t forget to also share…

How should I describe you ?
Beautiful is your name.
Wonderful is what you are to me.
Your skin radiates the warmth of the African sun.
Your scalp not the less. 

Your smile enchants me
You have become the subject of my dreams.
Your kiss takes my breath away.
Nobody has ever made me feel this way.
What spell did you cast on me.
Or is it a make believe.

I love the times we spend at the barber’s shop.
The time we spend teasing each other.
Every hour, every minute, every second.
You have become my bad habit.
The evil I can not do without.

All of me loves all of you.
The perfectly imperfect you.
The bald you.
You are so fine you make me look good.
You are the secret I cannot hide.

Written By Jesse Odion
@jesseodion on twitter