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To My Bald Girlfriend

Hi everyone… This is a poem written by Jesse Odion; a newbie. I have read some of his poems and he is a gifted poet. I want you to read, encourage him by telling him what you think about the poem using the comment box and don’t forget to also share…

How should I describe you ?
Beautiful is your name.
Wonderful is what you are to me.
Your skin radiates the warmth of the African sun.
Your scalp not the less. 

Your smile enchants me
You have become the subject of my dreams.
Your kiss takes my breath away.
Nobody has ever made me feel this way.
What spell did you cast on me.
Or is it a make believe.

I love the times we spend at the barber’s shop.
The time we spend teasing each other.
Every hour, every minute, every second.
You have become my bad habit.
The evil I can not do without.

All of me loves all of you.
The perfectly imperfect you.
The bald you.
You are so fine you make me look good.
You are the secret I cannot hide.

Written By Jesse Odion
@jesseodion on twitter


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