The Lies In My Truth

Love is sweet and all that; that’s what they say but I say love is what you make of it, either good or bad.

Love is what makes you comfortable, what makes the world seem so balanced. It doesn’t matter if it is good or not.

Love is true but can be lies. Your kind of love is not the type I want but it has given me security. It may be bad but at least, I belong to somebody; you call me yours

In search of truth, I lost myself to the lies that you are…. I should run but I want the lies more than the truth. Maybe I am afraid of reality, maybe I am…

In search of love, I lost myself to hate. It’s not what I want but I am so afraid of being alone, I will take it anyways. Don’t tell me I’m a fool, your hatred is better than nothing; way better.

Common sense says I should flee, my heart wants to desperately stay and my mind is torn between both decisions. I should flee, for my sanity but my heart says stay

I am comfortable with you; at least I know what to expect. It’s not that I love you, it’s not that I can’t run, I’m not a fool, I just love the lies in my truth.

I should leave you and turn to the truth but I am so afraid to be alone. Maybe I am afraid of reality, maybe I am…

Love so sour, love so bad, love so mean but I will stay still because this reality is better than nothing. I am comfortable with you; the lies in my truth

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10 thoughts on “The Lies In My Truth”

  1. Controversy surrounding that Four letter words can’t be unraveled. Love is many things. Being emotionally unstable can push one into tough love too. But fear isn’t good. It makes you stay in the most horrible relationship…never like to be in fear…

    1. As in ehn…. The painful part is this is the reality of many relationships these days; staying because parents them to, they are getting too old, they don’t think they are good enough and so on. The point is many have relationship a must be in kind of thing hence the fear to be alone….

      1. Well my lady, I think it depends on the type/kind of parents one have. I’m in my 30s and still very much single. My mum had never pressure me, neither my dad. All they do is support me with their prayers that I get to marry a man that will appreciate what a golden child their daughter is.
        Another thing is the society we live in. Once you allow their biting snides get to you, you become desperate and will fall for anything. I think we ladies should know our worth, and not allow anything or anyone push us into horrendous situations. After all, it is about you, not about

  2. The fear of loneliness is the beginning of the acceptance of substandard love… but who am I to call one love “standard” and the other one “substandard”? *Sighs*

    Lies, as loathing as it is, is an essential in many true loves. Good intentioned lies, if I may use that phrase. See, one can write a full book on the roles of lies in love; I won’t dare *winks*.

    Thanks Ink Hearted for sharing. Let’s do this again.

    1. Very true, very very true. Most times, we can’t take the lies from the truth or we won’t dare to because we are afraid of what may happen afterwards. And
      Oh, please dare to write the book on the roles of lies in love; I will love to read….
      Thank you for reading through!! We’ll def do it again πŸ˜‰

  3. Dilema of love\lust conflict.
    The conflict can be so real….

    But know this, fear isn’t real. Keep hold of your rein annd rein in fear and then you will be free to make a good choice.

    1. Yeah…. except this is the reality of many people who are in one relationship or the other… People who are sticking in bad relationships because they think they are getting too old, they are not to fine; constrained by one physical challenge or another… very sad something

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