A Plea For Redemption

by theinkheart

Who I am, I know not anymore…
The darkness is seeping in
Dimming the lights that was once there…
I am lost, please find me…

What I am, I have forgotten.
Uncertainty creeps in, stealing my boldness.
I am a confused mess
Please bring me understanding

Help!! Help!!, my mind screams
Longing for a saviour, to bring me clarity
To rekindle my hope
I crave nothing else but redemption
Redemption of a lost soul afraid to be found

I’m imprisoned by the horrors of my fear
Afraid to be found again
Yet scared of what may happen if I’m not
I’m torn apart
Terrified I may, at last, bring peril to myself

And I’m forever to be doomed
Lost in a dark, gloomy world
Help me, find redemption for me
That a soul once filled with darkness
May see true and pure light again