P.S. I Love You

by theinkheart



To the one that will always be the sunshine in my dark clouds, I just want to tell you how much you mean to me. I know over the years you have heard me say it; maybe you’re even tired of hearing but I can never be tired of telling you how much it makes me happy that you belong to me. The joy you bring to me, when you smile down at me, is immeasurable and when you laugh at one of my silly jokes, I fall in love with you over again.

To the one whose name will always be music to my ears, I just want you to know you’ve been a blessing to me. Throughout the years, you’ve been my pillar and the backbone of my breakthrough. To think of life without you is just so impossible. You’ve been my best friend, my confidant, my lover, the essence of my life. Sometimes, I think myself unworthy of love. You’re angel, my angel; thanks for loving me unconditionally with my flaws.

To the one my heart will always beat for, I always want you to tell you how much crazy you make me feel just by the way you look at me, to tell you that you are the only man in the whole world who could make me do stupid things yet cause me to take on extraordinary causes, causes I thought were out of my league. You are my teacher, my friend, my helper, my lover; you are the apple of my eyes.

And my love, on day when it feels as if you’re my least favourite person in the world, I just want you to know that my feelings for you will never change; it never can. Ayanfe mi, Enibiokan mi, Olowo’ri mi; iwo ni temi, nitooto, ope yemi….

P.S: I love you with all that is me, today and forever more…

Dedicated to my big sister Oluwafunmilayo and her boo Opeyemi… Was supposed to do this on the 7th of February as they will be tying the knot that day but today feels kind of more appropriate. It is her boo’s birthday and it is a day to celebrate life, achievements, family and more especially, love… I wish you the best of the very best life has to offer and as you embark on a new journey, may it be the best years of your life…. I celebrate, big brother, everyday!!!!

Translation of yoruba words:
Ayanfe mi, enibiokan mi, olowo’ri mi; iwo ni temi, nitooto, ope yemi: my choice, one like my heart, my head; you’re mine, indeed, I am thankful. (I hope I did justice to that)