Finding Redemption – Part 2

PART 2 How I Became A Writer I was sitting on a chair outside my house one day, just staring at the sky. It was so blue and so bright, I wish I could reach out for it. Tiny white clouds moved about so cheerily, reminding me of my own freedom hindered. I wanted desperately… Continue reading Finding Redemption – Part 2


Finding Redemption – Part 1

Hey darlings, thank God it is Friday; time to relax and do some posting, that's if electricity provider in Nigeria will be so nice sha.... Anyways, I have really good news and I'm so excited. The e-mag I've been talking about is almost finished and I'm so happy. I'll be moving to in a… Continue reading Finding Redemption – Part 1

Opinionated Articles

People With Tattoos Are Horrible People?

Before you get comfortable to read this, I will like to warn you that this is really a very personal issue to me; I have tattoos and so, I may be taking things overboard. Pardon me if my words will sound like I'm criticizing or condemning; maybe that's the point of the whole article. You… Continue reading People With Tattoos Are Horrible People?


The Wrong Kind Of Love

Hands caressed everywhere on her body as his lips sought hers in a very deep passionate kiss, sending delicious thrills down her spine. He one of her breasts with one hand while the other removed the pins that held her hair in place. He stopped kissing her and pulled her face back for a while… Continue reading The Wrong Kind Of Love