The Wrong Kind Of Love

by theinkheart

Hands caressed everywhere on her body as his lips sought hers in a very deep passionate kiss, sending delicious thrills down her spine. He one of her breasts with one hand while the other removed the pins that held her hair in place. He stopped kissing her and pulled her face back for a while to watch brownish mane cascade down her shoulders; she looked so beautiful, almost too beautiful. He wanted to stare for a while but she started doing deliciously wicked things that made it almost too difficult to breathe. She would bite him so softly and then place tiny kisses around the area she bit. She started from his ears, his nose, mouth and before he knew it she had gone from his chest towards his navel. He wanted to scream for her to stop, at the same time wanted her to continue. The soft bites, her tongue, her lips were driving him so crazy, he just laid on the bed purring like an overfed cat. She began to trail her fingers down his sides while she continued her mouth ritual and that even drove him crazier. She moved down the lower part of his body, blowing tiny kisses as she went. He was in highest of clouds, anticipating more pleasure to come but the plop on the bed made him open his eyes.

    “Babes, why are you stopping?”, he could barely get the words out without stuttering. She played deaf and walked to a fridge near the bed to retrieve the bottle of vodka she had kept there earlier, removed a pack of cigarette from her bag and walked back to the bed. Ignoring him totally, she lit the cigarette and opened the chilled bottle of spirit. She was not in the mood to answer his questions; she was afraid to. How could she tell him she was leaving him? It was going to break his heart to tell him she was going away for good. Would he even understand the need for both of them to stop seeing each other? She took a long drag on her cigarette, allowed it to sit in her mouth for a while and then exhaled.

     “Come on, what is going on na? Why did you stop na?”, he gave her his best “I need you badly” look and made an attempt to take the bottle and cigarette out of her hands but she would not budge. When he saw the look was not working, he started kissing and biting her earlobe. An almost silent moan escaped her lips and he saw that as an encouragement to go further. As he trailed wet and hot tongue down her neck, she closed her eyes and moaned even loudly. She wanted him so badly, she wanted to push him down the bed and climb on him. She wanted to kiss him everywhere, show him how crazy he drove her but she did not do that, she could not. Why torture him further when she knew what was going to happen afterwards.  “Crap”, she thought as weak hands pushed him off her.

     “What is wrong with you na? Since you got here, you’ve been acting all funny, coming on to me and then pushing me off. What is in the world is going on?”, he shouted more than he wanted to but he was getting irritated and junior was getting really impatient to be sated. He watched arms akimbo while she guzzled liquor and took a long drag on her cigarette with shaky hands. He knew she was nervous but he hated suspense and she was being so dramatic, the suspense felt intensified.

     “Ade and I are moving back to the states.”
     “The states? With him? I thought you were going to divorce him?”
     “Oh dear”, she moved towards him to touch his face but he moved away from her.
      “You told me you were going to leave your husband so we can finally be together. Why are you running to the states with him? Such cruel and heartless beast? I thought you wanted better, I thought you wanted love and affection and all that”
     “Oh, yeah, I want all that but Ade…”
     “Ade what? You want to go off with a man that treats you like crap? That doesn’t appreciate you? I love you, I am ready to give you all your husband is not giving you, you know that. I will go miles for you”
    “See, I know you love me but Ade is my husband. He may not love me or respect me as I want him too but I love him”
     “You what? Repeat that again”
     “I love my husband. He may be terrible sometimes but I love him. I love him enough to travel back to the states with him to make things work. Besides, I have my kids to think about. He provides for them and gives them the best. He is a good father”
    “I told you I can take care of you and your kids. I love you enough to go more than extra miles from you”
     “Oh honey, you don’t have enough to give to my kids. They don’t want a boy who still has wallpapers of his star crush hanging everywhere in his room or a boy who still sag his pants and who thinks lil wayne is good enough to be his fashion icon. You are great but they need more, stability, good flow of cash and a good father figure.  What we had was good but it’s not enough to start a life. I love my husband a lot and I can never substitute him with you. What I have with you can be gotten with any willing young boy. Good bye, Drew. Don’t bother looking for me or try to contact. I will wire enough money to your contact to buy your silence and if you dare try to blackmail me, I will make sure you pay dearly.
    “I don’t need your money, you bitch. Just get out of my house”
    “You do, people like you always do”, she laughed sarcastically as she began dressing up. When she was done, she dropped the spare key he had given her on the fridge and went to kiss him but he pushed her lips away. Chuckling, she walked out of his apartment while he sat perplexed on his bed with half an erection wondering what just happened. As if on cue, his phone rang and Rihanna’s Cry filled the room, singing out loudly the words that burnt in his heart but unlike Rihanna, he cried; like an ailing child….