Hello! Hello!! Hello!!!

by theinkheart


Hello darlings… been so long you saw me here right? I know some of you are wondering if I had quit blogging. Nope, I have not, I have just moved from a WordPress.com site to a more personal site: http://www.theinkheartblog.com. I have announced here a lot that I will be converting the blog into an e-mag of a sort; something that will serve as a template for something bigger I’m planning… In my last post here, I wrote that the new site was still under works and I would start publishing stuff on it as from the 1st of April; which I’ve already started doing. I’ve put up a lot of posts already; short stories, recipes, opinionated articles, relationship/sex tips and so much more and I’ve made the site very user friendly so you can log in from anywhere; your phones, tabs, laptops etc.

I know some of you know that I’ve moved while some don’t knows as I still get a lot of notifications in my mail especially about people subscribing to the blog. Please follow the new blog; all you have to do is enter your mail and click on subscribe and you get updates in your mail box. You can also follow the official twitter account for the site: @theinkheartblog, on IG: @the_ardent_inkheart and like on Facebook: The Inkheart’s; that way you get updates, tutorials, random tips and more on the go. Also, I need you guys to help me spread the news to your friends so they can tell their friends.. If you have any article you want posted on the site or you are an artisan and will like to be featured on the inkterview section of the site, please send a mail to theardentinkheart14@gmail.com.or info@theinkheartblog.com. If you have books to review, please send them to my mail… if you also have events or whatsoever you will like to showcase on the site, please don’t hesitate to send me a mail….

Thank you very much for sticking around with The Inkheart… You guys make writing feel like it’s the easiest thing to do… Love you guys to the moon and back… Oya, get clicking and start spreading the news…

Site’s URL: http://www.theinkheartblog.com
Twitter: @theinkheartblog
Instagram: the_ardent_inkheart
Facebook: The Inkheart’s