About Theinkheartblog 

So, when I started out this blog, it was more about telling stories as a means to be free. At that time, I was going through so many things and I felt like I was going to exlpode if I don’t find a way to “breathe” and that birthed “theinkheartblog”; where I  wrote tales formed in the core of my heart.

Now that I am grounded on my feet, I want to do more with this blog. It is my very first blog and I am so glad I got it back after 3 years of trying to no avail. So, I am going to use this blog to tell more than stories but share with you the things I enjoy doing the most like discovering new places in and out of the country, taking good care of my skin, reading, teaching; basically everything about my lifestyle. So, expect this blog to be very personal (which it has always been) and also loaded with tips and tricks that get me by daily. So, click on the follow button to not miss out on any post from me. 

To connect with me, you can follow me on instagram: @thedakoalice or on twitter: @emini_ANOTI.


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